Creating a ‘non-Nanna' look for Hana

Creating a ‘non-Nanna’ look for Hana

It was lovely to help Hana bring back her personal style again.

Hana’s style journey was all about creating a ‘non-Nanna’ look.

What do you wear when you’re a Nanna but don’t want to look like a Nanna?

There are so many wonderful, beautiful options for the non-Nannas.

Here is what we came up with for Hana.

Hana’s cape highlights her beautiful amber eyes. Drawing out the beauty of her eyes was key – Hana’s wardrobe included a lot of black and white, which wasn’t doing anything to flatter her naturally gorgeous eyes and skin tone. Here we’ve put in her in one of her best colours and she just shines.

The black layers underneath are a flattering combination for Hana. Layers can be a great way to flatter different parts of the body. Here they look amazing with the cape and boots.

The boots-over-slim-pants look creates that feeling that Hana is ready-to-run and ready-for-fun. As well as looking to flatter her figure, Hana wanted to feel like she could have a bit of fun with her clothes and look her age, not older.

Lastly, careful choice and placement of her jewellery helped to complete this outfit and create a beautiful feminine silhouette.

This look works for a number of reasons, I haven’t mentioned all of them but bringing the right colours near to Hana’s face made the world of difference and is key to the beauty of her new look.

You could wear your best colours and bring out your natural beauty as well.

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