Josie’s journey at the Style Explorer workshop

Nina at Style Explorer workshop

The lovely Josie Maggie has a beautiful blog called Lost in Silver Fern  about moving to New Zealand  and so much more.

She was one of our guests at a Style Explorer workshop: “Working with Nina is all about making sure your individual style is flattering and the best it can be while at the same time not putting a blanket rule over everyone. Thanks for your amazing workshop Nina!”


“Do you always dress so smartly?”

“Do you always dress so smartly? Have you had your colours done?”

The question came from an unexpected source. The guy across the table from me was my agent for keynote speeches.

We met at late notice when I had an hour up my sleeve on a recent business trip to Auckland.

Over a quick cafe catch-up we talked about my keynote speaking gigs.

Surprisingly, the conversation turned to how styling fits into my consulting work and could be used in my keynote speeches.

I could see it all coming together. At the end of the meeting, my agent walked away with a new pitch for my work and one that he liked a lot better.

It was a joy to have the two arenas where I play come together in a synchronous reflection of who I am.

I hope this little example is inspiring.

People DO notice when you’ve put together a great, flattering outfit. It’s persuasive.

And when it only takes you two minutes in the morning, that’s not cheating.

Not in my books.

– NinaGreat Style Stands Out
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“I get compliments nearly every day…”

Jackie O

“I get compliments nearly every day on my new style and colours.

I always say Nina Fountain from Style Gorgeous helped.”

It’s such a privilege to give women an experience that is not just fun but at the same time creates fun that keeps on going.

“Today I was told I’ve got ‘Jackie O style’. Which is fantastic as Jackie O was the style I was going for!”

…. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I keep turning up.

This client walked through her three style foundations and four style features, to end up with a complete concept of how to build a personal style that is absolutely *flattering* and absolutely *her*.

Her body shape and colours are different to Jackie O’s, but there was something about Jackie O’s style that inspired her.

I helped her discover what those things were and what that would look like on her.

Then together we shopped and created looks. I tailored the Style Therapy package to suit her, which is something I tend to do with most of my clients.

You might recall a post from me about two months ago when I talked about an incredible sewist who was on her style journey? This was her. I’m so thrilled with the results she was able to achieve.

– Nina
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What a thrill to receive this review

I feel fabulous

What a thrill to receive this five-star review.

“A post baby body change left me confused with what suited me and lacking in confidence with what to put together. Nina completely sorted me and my wardrobe out. Nina taught me how to complete and accessorize the right looks to make the most of my post baby body. And shopping with her was so fun! I have a few new pieces too and I feel fabulous and have my confidence back!” – Lisa

Clothes send a powerful message – not just to people we meet during our day but also to ourselves.

This is why I do what I do.

I want to hear messages that will support me in my life and I know there are thousands of women who feel the same.

If you would like an idea of how I work, you might like to download my 5-tip checklist on how to shop like a pro.


I should tell more people about the Pre-Shop

Last weekend one of my clients told me I should tell more people about the Pre-Shop.

If you don’t have a stylist, don’t try this unsupervised 😆

The idea is that someone visits the shops ahead of time. Taking photos as she goes, she finds all the best things for you. The cream of the crop.

She is focused on just one part of the process for you: selection.

Once she has found your ideal items she shows you a bunch of photographs you can discuss to work out which ones you might like to try on.

The same client who mentioned I should tell more people about the Pre-Shop declared part-way through her shopping trip “I’m a Pre-Shop girl!”

I get it. Who doesn’t want to try on only things that have a high chance of looking fantastic?

Less than an hour later my client had bought about ten items. Wylie Coyote style.

So there you go, I’ve told you about the Pre-Shop 😁

Here are my free 5-tips checklist on how to shop like a pro:

– Nina

“People compliment me on these new dresses”

I received these photos today from one of my gorgeous clients Cornelia Shepherd.

It was a thrill to see that she’d found a few dresses online that are super flattering for her, and bring out her style. And they’re getting her compliments! She gets the most compliments from the green one.

The one with the Japanese-style print is actually taken from a Japanese woodblock print called The Great Wave by Hokusai – in case you notice something familiar about it. Isn’t that cool  I love Japanese woodblocks.

(If you’re wondering which styling package Cornelia took up, it was the Style Injection. I’m so glad that was all she needed to know exactly what to look for online.)

Cornelia thanks for sharing your story!

– Nina Fountain

Helen now enjoys her style even more

Testimonial_ Helen Lazarides

I loved working with Helen recently. Helen is the Treatment Coordinator of a busy clinic so she wants to present a fantastic professional image that fits with her classic, elegant style.

Helen saw an opportunity to dress for work and play in her new, slimmer figure, after losing weight recently. At the same time as wanting to look professional, we discovered that it is important to Helen to have fun with her fashion and together we worked out just how she likes to do that.

Helen bought the Style Therapy package, which gave her an opportunity to edit her wardrobe and explore her favourite looks. We also planned specific outfits for her upcoming trip to Thailand.

Helen gave this review of her Style Therapy package:

“I now have a very workable wardrobe. I can mix and match pieces for casual, work, formal and evening wear. Purchasing a few key items, without breaking the budget enabled me to put some amazing looks together.

Nina helped me to define and express my style after losing quite a bit of weight, by having a look at my existing wardrobe, my style icons, and establishing my colours and body shape. I now have a more direct style, knowing what suits my parameters.

My shopping is easier now. I know exactly what to look for, colours, style and favourite shops. I can confidently wear my new look and totally rock it! People comment on how good I look now!

Nina has the gift of the gab when it comes to making her clients feel and look great about themselves by quantifying their features and working with them to achieve a result that will created a wonderful confidence that radiates to show the results she has achieved!

I have already recommended Style Gorgeous to friends and colleagues.”

To find out more about the Style Therapy package, visit the Packages page or contact Nina today.

Lynda carved out some ‘me’ time

Lynda's shopping trip

I loved lunching and shopping with the gorgeous and lovely Lynda Lovatt today in Wellington central.

Despite having a business and children she carved out some ‘me’ time to shop this season’s trends.

She picked up some beautiful outfits and pieces, including this fun denim jacket that is just right for her outfit today. One of those pieces you can’t leave in the store….

Did you know you can book shopping with me by the hour?

Contact me to find out how I can make your next shopping trip a much more pleasant experience.

*photos shared with permission 💐

Creating confidence for those less cashed up

Dress for success

I had such a blast sharing tips and tricks with these stylists last night – fabulous women doing great work in our community.

If you don’t already know about the work of Dress for Success Wellington or in your local city, you’ll love it.

These lovely ladies give their time to help women from all walks of life walk into an interview feeling confident and ready.

Taking your gifted clothing, they create outfits for women looking for work.

It was a lot of fun to support your great work ladies 

– Nina

Clothes swap with a difference, making a difference

Swap & Style

Here are a few pics from my recent Style & Swap – a night of styling, picking up new pieces and giving donations to Dress for Success Wellington.

The idea is that you get together with a few friends, bringing together the clothes you no longer love.

With a stylist (yours truly) in the room I help you find the items that have potential.

I facilitate a fun evening so that you can invite people who don’t know each other.

For a nominal fee you will walk away with several new items and the leftover pieces are donated to Dress for Success Wellington who are absolutely thrilled to receive them.

Style & Swap is such a fun way to make a difference in our community.

I asked these ladies would they do it again. “Absolutely.” Judging by the size of their hauls and the smiles on their faces, I know they’ll be keen for Style & Swap again.

A warm thank you to Ray White Kilbirnie and Sue Grebby – Ray White Leaders Licensed under REAA 2008 for your generous hospitality for this week’s event.

Enquire how to host a Style & Swap night at your school, church or business by contacting me today.

– Nina