Shopping with friends, and a stylist

Group styling experience with Style Gorgeous

If you’ve ever been shopping with your girlfriends and bought something you didn’t like….

If your friend insists they know exactly what looks good on you… , or if you love shopping with your girlfriends but don’t have the confidence to buy anything….

We could give you so much more joy in your style!

What if your friends knew your style the way your stylist does? Could they become your best advocates for awesome personal style when you’re shopping? Would you enjoy shopping with them so much more?

And what if you all knew each others style and had a great idea of how to support each other? Wouldn’t that be lovely. Your credit card workout would feel worth it.

So, I’m solving that problem for you.

Introducing the Group Styling Chat and Group Styling Experience at Style Gorgeous.

We bring you and your friends together for a wonderful few hours of discussion and shopping. Accompanied by champagne and nibbles of course.

I have had a few enquiries about this, leading into Christmas. Could this be a perfect Christmas gift for you and your best friends?

Message me through the discovery form.


My lovely client has a ‘boring’ wardrobe

Today’s fun Style Passport session took us around town, from coffee and a chat, to browsing and buying, to trying on shoes.

My lovely client has a ‘boring’ wardrobe – her words, not mine 🙂, that she needs to edit and rework.

Time for some styling fun.

Today we established her style essentials, including this amazing palette for her – soft autumn.

Colour analysis is only one of the essentials. In my first sessions I build in a Style Essentials tour, so you can see how your Style Essentials, including your colour analysis, work together to create your best looks.

When we start honing right in on the things she loves, I’m happy. 👠👜


The moment I met a fashion designer by pure chance

Meeting Penny from Designer Clothing Gallery

The things that happen when you’re away for the weekend… I just happened to meet this incredible lady in NZ fashion this weekend, Penny from Designer Clothing Gallery in Greytown.

We didn’t meet in store though – she was our AirBnB host and we got chatting over a glass of local limoncello.

Many of my clients have told me about their successful shopping trips at Penny’s store – and I can see why!

A fashion designer with her own label, proprietor of Trelise Cooper stores and now owner of this popular store, Penny has a rich fashion background and her range is stunning.

It was a delight to arrive in Penny’s store at the same time as a card from a delighted customer arrived in her hands.

I am excited to see who might be interested to select from Penny’s delightful pieces when she next does a pop up in Wellington.

Feel free to message me here to find out more.


I want all my clients to enjoy their style

Style Traveller

I want all my clients to enjoy their style – that’s why I do what I do.

My hope is that you’ll find styling such a powerful experience that you will feel a complete night and day difference. And actually, that’s the kind of transformation that is normal at Style Gorgeous I am thrilled to say.

So what else could be left to offer? Well lately I’ve been thinking about those gritty moments when you want to buy something new, but you aren’t sure where to find it or what to buy. Or you’ve got a great outfit, but you don’t know how to accessorise it. Or summer is coming up and you don’t feel ready – we did your styling session in winter, now there’s a whole lot more choices.

So lately I’ve been exploring ways to help you solve these little gritty moments. With the Style Traveller package, several of my clients have already enjoyed a ‘bank’ of styling hours that they can draw on at any time.

Style Travellers have the luxury of having a stylist on hand – literally just at the end of a text, all year round. They get regular fashion tips and updates. And possibly the best of all – Insider Style Hunting. With Insider Style Hunting I set aside some time to hunt for pieces you will love. I send you pictures of the pieces I have found for you.

Clients have told me they love the Style Traveller ✈️ because it shows them options they would never have thought of. And they know they have their style sorted for the next year.

The Style Traveller package comes in Coach Class and Business Class.

Contact me through the discovery form to find out more.


I keep in touch with my Style Travellers

I love to keep in touch with my clients – and my Style Travellers are people I regularly share tips and ideas with.

One of my Style Travellers is a lady who knew her colours well before we met. In that area she was completely confident. In fact she even knew that people often made the mistake of assuming she is a Summer, when actually she is one of the Spring seasons.

I knew that she had taken a lot from our styling session. But she told me recently something that I really enjoyed.

The style personalities we explored together are “The gift that keeps on giving”.

Imagine waking up in the morning and knowing that the options you have to choose from are all authentically you. Your pieces don’t only look great on the hanger, they feel good to wear. All day long you feel like “Dang, I look good”.

For my client, knowing her style personalities has given her confidence to dress authentically. What could they do for you?

Is now the time to buy yourself a Christmas present and invest a little in you?

Reach out through a 15 minute Style Discovery Call to find out more about what is in store.

– Nina

It's the gift that keeps on giving - discover your Style Personality

Behind the scenes with designer Deryn Schmidt

It was such a joy to go behind the scenes with Deryn Schmidt today, with a couple of sneak peeks of her next collection.

Deryn is so generous with her making- you can literally see her making her pieces in front of your eyes, in store in Wellington CBD. Can’t wait for my next visit.

And my client loved it! All natural fibres and high quality production. Right here in Wellington.  What a treat.

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Josie’s journey at the Style Explorer workshop

Nina at Style Explorer workshop

The lovely Josie Maggie has a beautiful blog called Lost in Silver Fern  about moving to New Zealand  and so much more.

She was one of our guests at a Style Explorer workshop: “Working with Nina is all about making sure your individual style is flattering and the best it can be while at the same time not putting a blanket rule over everyone. Thanks for your amazing workshop Nina!”


When the rules are plain wrong

Creativa Women in Business event

When you work with me you’ll hear a few themes. I view fashion as a beautiful, creative tool for life – for enjoyment, for success and for fun. I am all about having fun with fashion and for me that means creating possibilities and freedom.

My view on the fashion industry is firstly that I’m grateful it provides us with options.

However I do think that sometimes the industry creates standards that are ludicrous and limiting. For example, the idea that white should only be worn in summer, or you ‘have to have’ this particular colour to be stylish this season. (Maybe it doesn’t flatter you.)

There is usually far more freedom in fashion than most people realise, which just adds to the fun. I am here to show you how enjoyable styling can be – it could surprise you.

Once you’ve solved your style challenges with me you will have more space in your mind and heart for the rest of life’s challenges and adventures. Ready, set, go!

Does that mean that it’s not good to spend time thinking of fashion? Not at all. Heck, I dream of fashion designs!

I love the art of fashion and love playing with it. I simply wish that more of us would be able to view fashion so that it serves us (who’s the boss?) rather than being caught up in the unnecessary drama that can often be part of the fashion scene.

Thank you Vera and Maribel at Creativa Design Studio for the opportunity to be a panellist and to share with women in business my views on looking good in the world of business. Your fabulous (and first!) Women in Business event was so much fun! I look forward to the next one.

– Nina Fountain

P.S. My 5 top tips for shopping are a great way to start having more fun with fashion:

“Do you always dress so smartly?”

“Do you always dress so smartly? Have you had your colours done?”

The question came from an unexpected source. The guy across the table from me was my agent for keynote speeches.

We met at late notice when I had an hour up my sleeve on a recent business trip to Auckland.

Over a quick cafe catch-up we talked about my keynote speaking gigs.

Surprisingly, the conversation turned to how styling fits into my consulting work and could be used in my keynote speeches.

I could see it all coming together. At the end of the meeting, my agent walked away with a new pitch for my work and one that he liked a lot better.

It was a joy to have the two arenas where I play come together in a synchronous reflection of who I am.

I hope this little example is inspiring.

People DO notice when you’ve put together a great, flattering outfit. It’s persuasive.

And when it only takes you two minutes in the morning, that’s not cheating.

Not in my books.

– NinaGreat Style Stands Out
P.S. If you don’t know where to start to get great style I invite you to take up my five top shopping tips:

“I get compliments nearly every day…”

Jackie O

“I get compliments nearly every day on my new style and colours.

I always say Nina Fountain from Style Gorgeous helped.”

It’s such a privilege to give women an experience that is not just fun but at the same time creates fun that keeps on going.

“Today I was told I’ve got ‘Jackie O style’. Which is fantastic as Jackie O was the style I was going for!”

…. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I keep turning up.

This client walked through her three style foundations and four style features, to end up with a complete concept of how to build a personal style that is absolutely *flattering* and absolutely *her*.

Her body shape and colours are different to Jackie O’s, but there was something about Jackie O’s style that inspired her.

I helped her discover what those things were and what that would look like on her.

Then together we shopped and created looks. I tailored the Style Therapy package to suit her, which is something I tend to do with most of my clients.

You might recall a post from me about two months ago when I talked about an incredible sewist who was on her style journey? This was her. I’m so thrilled with the results she was able to achieve.

– Nina
P.S. If you would like to shop like a pro, you might like to download my 5-tip checklist which has sold out to rave reviews 😆