I keep in touch with my Style Travellers

I love to keep in touch with my clients – and my Style Travellers are people I regularly share tips and ideas with.

One of my Style Travellers is a lady who knew her colours well before we met. In that area she was completely confident. In fact she even knew that people often made the mistake of assuming she is a Summer, when actually she is one of the Spring seasons.

I knew that she had taken a lot from our styling session. But she told me recently something that I really enjoyed.

The style personalities we explored together are “The gift that keeps on giving”.

Imagine waking up in the morning and knowing that the options you have to choose from are all authentically you. Your pieces don’t only look great on the hanger, they feel good to wear. All day long you feel like “Dang, I look good”.

For my client, knowing her style personalities has given her confidence to dress authentically. What could they do for you?

Is now the time to buy yourself a Christmas present and invest a little in you?

Reach out through a 15 minute Style Discovery Call to find out more about what is in store.

– Nina

It's the gift that keeps on giving - discover your Style Personality

Behind the scenes with designer Deryn Schmidt

It was such a joy to go behind the scenes with Deryn Schmidt today, with a couple of sneak peeks of her next collection.

Deryn is so generous with her making- you can literally see her making her pieces in front of your eyes, in store in Wellington CBD. Can’t wait for my next visit.

And my client loved it! All natural fibres and high quality production. Right here in Wellington.  What a treat.

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Josie’s journey at the Style Explorer workshop

Nina at Style Explorer workshop

The lovely Josie Maggie has a beautiful blog called Lost in Silver Fern  about moving to New Zealand  and so much more.

She was one of our guests at a Style Explorer workshop: “Working with Nina is all about making sure your individual style is flattering and the best it can be while at the same time not putting a blanket rule over everyone. Thanks for your amazing workshop Nina!”


When the rules are plain wrong

Creativa Women in Business event

When you work with me you’ll hear a few themes. I view fashion as a beautiful, creative tool for life – for enjoyment, for success and for fun. I am all about having fun with fashion and for me that means creating possibilities and freedom.

My view on the fashion industry is firstly that I’m grateful it provides us with options.

However I do think that sometimes the industry creates standards that are ludicrous and limiting. For example, the idea that white should only be worn in summer, or you ‘have to have’ this particular colour to be stylish this season. (Maybe it doesn’t flatter you.)

There is usually far more freedom in fashion than most people realise, which just adds to the fun. I am here to show you how enjoyable styling can be – it could surprise you.

Once you’ve solved your style challenges with me you will have more space in your mind and heart for the rest of life’s challenges and adventures. Ready, set, go!

Does that mean that it’s not good to spend time thinking of fashion? Not at all. Heck, I dream of fashion designs!

I love the art of fashion and love playing with it. I simply wish that more of us would be able to view fashion so that it serves us (who’s the boss?) rather than being caught up in the unnecessary drama that can often be part of the fashion scene.

Thank you Vera and Maribel at Creativa Design Studio for the opportunity to be a panellist and to share with women in business my views on looking good in the world of business. Your fabulous (and first!) Women in Business event was so much fun! I look forward to the next one.

– Nina Fountain

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“Do you always dress so smartly?”

“Do you always dress so smartly? Have you had your colours done?”

The question came from an unexpected source. The guy across the table from me was my agent for keynote speeches.

We met at late notice when I had an hour up my sleeve on a recent business trip to Auckland.

Over a quick cafe catch-up we talked about my keynote speaking gigs.

Surprisingly, the conversation turned to how styling fits into my consulting work and could be used in my keynote speeches.

I could see it all coming together. At the end of the meeting, my agent walked away with a new pitch for my work and one that he liked a lot better.

It was a joy to have the two arenas where I play come together in a synchronous reflection of who I am.

I hope this little example is inspiring.

People DO notice when you’ve put together a great, flattering outfit. It’s persuasive.

And when it only takes you two minutes in the morning, that’s not cheating.

Not in my books.

– NinaGreat Style Stands Out
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“I get compliments nearly every day…”

Jackie O

“I get compliments nearly every day on my new style and colours.

I always say Nina Fountain from Style Gorgeous helped.”

It’s such a privilege to give women an experience that is not just fun but at the same time creates fun that keeps on going.

“Today I was told I’ve got ‘Jackie O style’. Which is fantastic as Jackie O was the style I was going for!”

…. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I keep turning up.

This client walked through her three style foundations and four style features, to end up with a complete concept of how to build a personal style that is absolutely *flattering* and absolutely *her*.

Her body shape and colours are different to Jackie O’s, but there was something about Jackie O’s style that inspired her.

I helped her discover what those things were and what that would look like on her.

Then together we shopped and created looks. I tailored the Style Therapy package to suit her, which is something I tend to do with most of my clients.

You might recall a post from me about two months ago when I talked about an incredible sewist who was on her style journey? This was her. I’m so thrilled with the results she was able to achieve.

– Nina
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There is a way that is more powerful


If you worry about not having enough clothes, it is not all the amazing clothes you have that make you stylish.

It’s not even knowing how to create balance and proportion. Nor the fact that you know quality and can pick it a mile off.

It isn’t that you maximise your colours.

It isn’t even that you can buy designer pieces.

It is definitely not that you have lots of outfits.

In fact all the things that you think make you stylish don’t count if this one thing isn’t right.

Michelangelo said that when he sculpted David it wasn’t so much that he carved David into the rock, it was that he removed everything that wasn’t David.

When we remove everything that isn’t stylish, we end up with stylish.

It might seem like a funny way to look at it but I think a lot of us concern ourselves with ‘becoming stylish’ whereas actually we just need to ‘not be unstylish’.

And in fact, that’s easier!

It’s keeping your standards high – recognising when ‘ok’ feels just ok.

It’s not buying things that you’re not sure about.

It’s sticking with what you know works.

Creating a State of Style, not a few stylish outfits.

I talked about this with a friend over lunch the other day, as she was saying she needs more clothes.

I thought about last year, when I had hardly any money to spend on clothes and yet I picked up clients through word of mouth.

Think about it – have you ever seen the stylish women you know looking frumpy or dishevelled? If you did, would you think something was wrong, because it’s so out of character?

Creating a State of Style is a different way of thinking about style, but it’s much more powerful than trying to become stylish.

– Nina

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Wellington-based event for women who sew – September 2018

Style Explorer event

Can you believe I get to do this?

8 or 10 women who sew, leading them through a fun session exploring their style foundations.

I so admire sewists – they spend years perfecting their craft, months curating their collection of materials and patterns and hours poring over each piece. I admire the patience and attention to detail – it’s incredible.

Lately I’ve met a few women who have found that despite all this, they haven’t been able to get that ‘wow’ factor from their wardrobe.

Through working together they’ve discovered that there’s a slightly different combination of materials, colours, textures, patterns, shapes etc. that brings the ‘wow’ to their pieces.

… Their unique combination of style foundations.

One of these incredible women – Emma Prestidge – wrote a blog post this week about her journey: https://emmasatelierblog.com/…/cultivating-the-ultimate-wa…/

Emma and I got together with Sandra from Sew Social NZ and hatched a plan to make the style foundations more accessible to women who sew. We created a format that requires less commitment than a personal consultation.

The Style Explorer workshop will be a fun opportunity for sewists to explore their style foundations and swap notes with each other.

It’s a great first step to powerful personal style. As far as we know, there is rarely anything like this in Wellington that is tailored to the sewing community.

If you know a woman in Wellington who sews, feel free to share this post with them or the Stylegorgeous FaceBook page.

– Nina

What a thrill to receive this review

I feel fabulous

What a thrill to receive this five-star review.

“A post baby body change left me confused with what suited me and lacking in confidence with what to put together. Nina completely sorted me and my wardrobe out. Nina taught me how to complete and accessorize the right looks to make the most of my post baby body. And shopping with her was so fun! I have a few new pieces too and I feel fabulous and have my confidence back!” – Lisa

Clothes send a powerful message – not just to people we meet during our day but also to ourselves.

This is why I do what I do.

I want to hear messages that will support me in my life and I know there are thousands of women who feel the same.

If you would like an idea of how I work, you might like to download my 5-tip checklist on how to shop like a pro.



There is magic in ‘no’

No thank you

There is magic in “no”. It’s not the clothes you have in your closet that help you create style, it’s the ones you reject.

It might sound like semantics but there is a reason I regularly encourage my clients to embrace The No.

It’s all too easy to find clothes that are almost good. They look nearly right, you like something about them. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on mistakes like this.

I didn’t arrive at being a stylist but being stylish from my teenage years, I got here through trial and error and realising I had made a lot of mistakes.

I call them mistakes because I created outfits that were somehow good but never great. I looked nice but not amazing. And occasionally one outfit would really come together and it would feel awesome.

When I started to embrace my artistic side more I realised how important it was to me to enjoy my clothes – a source of colour, shape and inspiration that I carry with me all day every day.

That’s when I started educating myself, setting standards and valuing the power of my style.

One of those key standards is something along the lines of ‘don’t accept OK’. I notice that people often want to buy something because it’s ok, and it seems like it would solve the problem and do a good enough job.

Good enough is not enough for you. Not when you want to be your best ambassador.

Embrace The No.

– Nina

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