Welcome to Style Elevation

Build a distinctive wardrobe that will have you feeling outstanding from the boardroom to brunch

An online program that incorporates self-directed learning, coaching and a supportive community to enable you to completely redesign your style to be seen as the distinctive woman you are.

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“Nina explains style tricks/tips/rules in a way that is fun and easy to understand.” – G, Policy advisor

Are you feeling diluted by the style you wear?

You may have tried revamping your wardrobe; following stylists; shopping in fresh stores or even trying to convince yourself that style doesn’t matter. 

Despite all of this you can’t deny that your work is hampered by your style – your clients, stakeholders and audience aren’t seeing you as the powerful, smart, successful woman you are.

And in your quiet moments… you know your self esteem has taken a hit by not looking your best.

But since you are here, I am guessing something is shifting….

You have had enough of the absence of great outfits in your wardrobe. You are completely DONE with making an average impression instead of one that shouts volumes about your command, your competence and your commitment.

And you’re OVER the empty feeling of walking around as a diluted version of yourself.

Let’s get you into outfits that articulate your distinctive essence

Why doesn’t distinctive styling come easily for most women?

There are two main barriers to shopping, styling yourself and evolving your style with clarity and confidence: 

  • The women in our lives do their best to advise, but they have their own body shapes, colour palettes and personalities and tend to advise based on what they like, not your best style.
  • Added to that, most stylists come from a retail or fashion background and find it difficult or nigh-on impossible to give you clear and simple tools that empower you to consistently style yourself successfully.

Style Elevation is a breakthrough program, which draws on my skills as a Management Consultant, an artist and a Personal Stylist. I give you innovative styling tools that you won’t learn elsewhere, to turn you into a star stylist for your own body, colours and life, via the easiest, quickest path.

I could understand if you might be thinking something like: 

  • “I am not artistic!” OR
  • “I find shopping so boring” OR
  • “My body shape has changed so much I’m not sure if I can ever look great.” 

But here are a few home truths:

  • You don’t need to be artistic once I teach you the science of styling.
  • You don’t need to love shopping to be amazing at it. You just need to know exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Your body shape can look fantastic. There is no reason you can’t look like the women you see in the media.

I am quite sure that you have never practised the skills I will teach you in this program. And you’ve never done it with expert support and other women cheering you on.

Style Elevation offers you the opportunity to step into a more fantastic, gorgeous version of your style than you have even imagined.

Master the ability to look incredible in every outfit

What you'll achieve through Style Elevation

You will complete your Style Elevation in nine weeks, by working in three distinct phases.

Phase 1: Foundations

In this first phase we ensure you establish the conditions for success to style yourself to look outstanding.

Establish your Style-Eye Assets – the key practical elements that ensure you can create distinctive style. You’ll then establish your Distinctive Style Essence – your unique approach to conveying yourself through your style and your Figure Finesse Body Shape Strategy – my innovative, cut-through approach to styling your figure with ease, every time. 

Phase 2: Ascension

The Ascension phase gives you insights that enable you to elevate every look.

You will Develop your Design Eye – you’ll see clearly how to create outifts that suit your shape and style, including which clothing features to incorporate. You’ll Cultivate your Colour Style – Your most flattering colours will become clear, together with how you should combine colours for your style. You’ll Master the Art of Striking the Perfect Note – ensuring you look the part for every occasion including on TV, on stage and online.

Phase 3: Elevation

In this final phase you will reach the point where you curate a collection that conveys your distinctive self.

You will Refine your Selections – Confirming the pieces you have to work with, and what should go on your shopping list. Then a Rendezvous with Retail will get you making purchases, empowered by my killer shopping strategy. You’ll then be ready to Curate your Looks – Pulling together 15+ outfits that show you for the powerful, successful woman you are.

⭐️ Weekly goals and coaching calls, plus a supportive community, ensure you make great progress ⭐️


$1700 USD

(Or 3 x $595 = $1785)

Can be bundled with one-to-one services for a discounted rate

Empower and educate yourself to consistently carry yourself with distinction

Who is a fantastic fit for Style Elevation?

Style Elevation is IDEAL for you if:

⭐️  You want to acquire the skills to enjoy a lifetime of outstanding style – you want to consistently be seen in your best light, and you don’t want to outsource it.

⭐️  You can make the time to take a couple of recommended steps each week, which will build your clarity and confidence. Allow 1-3 hours for application and an hour to review the learning material (2-4 hours total, each week). 

⭐️  You feel the difference between wearing awesome outfits and those that are ‘meh’. You know the powerful difference  that fashion and style can make to the health of your career, opportunities and wellbeing.

⭐️  You are fairly sure you can work with this new material without being overly critical of yourself. It’s important you can back yourself during this learning experience.

⭐️  You are financially prepared to start buying outfits within the next few weeks.

What is included?

✔️ Weekly video bursts – Weekly releases of engaging video content providing insights, tools, and examples. Each week you’ll receive a burst of content which elucidates the art and science of distinctive style and is available anywhere, anytime. With two to four videos per week, and replay speed controls, you can choose your preferred pace of exploration.

✔️Transcripts – Navigate to your favourite sections or refresh your memory with ease.

✔️Weekly coaching calls – Receive a regular dose of personalised guidance via weekly 1-hour coaching calls, facilitating steady progress on your journey to distinctive style. Call times are currently at 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern time.

✔️Supportive community  Join with women sharing your journey to support each other to succeed and sharing each others’ wins.

✔️Downloadable reference materials – Elevate your understanding with PDF downloads, offering quick reference guides for offline access and future exploration. You can stress less about remembering important details, which allows you to focus on developing your understanding and skill. 

✔️365 days of open access – Enjoy the freedom to study at your own pace, with access to this trove of insights for an entire year, so your style continues to flourish. And there is no requirement to complete each week’s modules in order before moving on – you can dip in and dip out as you choose.

What happens after you apply to join the program

1. I'll be in touch to let you know the outcome

If there's a good fit I'll invite you to join the program and let you know how to make payment. If not, I'll recommend your best next steps 🙂

2. You'll receive confirmed coaching call times

Once your payment is confirmed, you'll receive an outline of the coaching call times available to you.

3. Online access

You'll receive details about how to access your online course curriculum, and Week 1's curriculum will be available to you to start watching and working on.

4. Details for how to join the community

If you're on Facebook, you'll find joining the online community a breeze. I'll step you through a couple of features that will help you make the most of the group.

What my clients are saying about working with me


Do I need to have worked with a stylist to benefit?

Not at all. Women who have loved my online work have been either familiar with the styling experience, as previous clients of mine, or had never worked with a stylist.

How much will this help me if I've already worked with a stylist?

Hugely. Several of my original course participants were existing clients, who found working through the content gave them greater insight, clarity and tips and set them up to enjoy their style again. Some volunteered significant expressions of thanks at what this course did for them.

How can I receive tailored advice as I go through the material?

Your weekly coaching calls will be a personalised opportunity to receive advice on any questions, styles or issues that come up.

Is there a payment plan?

When you click through to purchase you will have the option to pay in monthly instalments at a slightly different rate.
If Style Elevation isn’t quite what you’re looking for…