Be seen in your
most powerful light

Enjoy personal style that envigorates and propels you forward

Do any of these circumstances strike a chord?

Not feeling fully seen or respected in your role

Looking in your wardrobe and seeing nothing to wear

Not enjoying shopping anymore (if you ever did)

Relying on ‘old favourites’ – clothes you’re not excited about

Feeling unprepared for an upcoming speaking engagement or overseas trip

It might be nice to that scenario.
Nina Fountain | Personal Stylist

I work with smart, successful women to deliver personal style that is aligned to their work, life and personality - their most powerful style

Make a fantastic impression – own the room when you choose

Gain a collection of clothes that clearly show your capability and communicate your personality

Show up with full focus, unhassled by style issues

Feel free to make your highest contribution, emboldened and strong

Know that you’re prepared for important moments and any situation that counts

How it works

1. Style Discovery Call

A 15-30 minute chat gives us an opportunity to explore whether my services are a good fit for you. I ask you a few questions and we decide collaboratively which of my packages would align most closely with your goals. If there's a good fit I'll invite you to become a client if you choose.

2. Unique You Questionnaire + photos

A short questionnaire gets you started and provides me with essential context for helping you enjoy your styling experience. Depending on your chosen package, there may be other pre-styling activities, such as sending me photographs.

3. Meet online or in person

If we're meeting online, you'll have a choice of platforms and a range of times. If we meet in person, we'll either meet first in Wellington city at a central café; head straight to the shops or meet at your home if we're reviewing your wardrobe.

My approach

I offer styling, shopping, teaching, coaching and mentoring to individuals and groups. 

Most of my work is online via courses and one-to-one work. I also take a small number of local clients in Wellington, NZ.

The length of time we spend together can be anything from a few hours to several sessions over a couple of months, or one year or more for select clients.

My services are a combination of set packages that tend to suit the most frequent situations and hourly rate styling, for when the circumstances are unique.

Set packages

All packages include my Unique You Onboarding Questionnaire.

You will also have the option to take up Seven Days of Style Discovery – sending me photographs of you in your current outfits. Completely optional!

All packages are available online or in person.


Fashion Makeover | Style Gorgeous

Stellar Collection Curation

For the woman who recognises the opportunity to completely command her professional and personal style, this is the style experience that will turn your wardrobe into a powerhouse instrument of success. Over eight weeks I ensure that every garment you are working with shows you in your most optimal light. Ideal for the woman who lives life in the fast lane.

The main features of this package are:

  • Precision Colour Analysis
  • Figure Finesse Body Shape Strategy
  • Style Essence Keywords
  • Style-defining moodboard
  • Wardrobe Edit
  • Shopping Concierge
  • Look curation
  • Lookbook – Ready-to-go images of your distinctive collection
New Looks | Style Gorgeous

Bespoke Looks Curation

Done-for-you styling makes it a breeze to turn up as your most distinctive self. Over six weeks and three sessions I carefully select garments, shoes and accessories that will build your most distinctive style. Experience the shift in how you see yourself, as you redefine your public image. The main features of this package are:

  • Precision Colour Analysis
  • Figure Finesse Body Shape Strategy
  • Style Essence Keywords
  • Shopping Concierge
  • Look curation
Shopping package | Style Gorgeous

Shopping Splash

An exquisitely easy opportunity to take home stylist-approved looks. This fun exploration moves at your pace and is shaped by your goals, whether you’re after a set of fresh looks or the opportunity to pick my brains. The main feature of this package is:

  • Three hours of shopping


Complete Style Strategy | Style Gorgeous

Complete Style Lucidity

Beyond the basics is an opportunity for style sophistication. This exciting journey is designed for women who thrive on gorgeous style, as a matter of joy and wellbeing. Working in collaboration over eight weeks, we illuminate all seven elements of your Distinctive Style Essence and see them come to life in fresh looks. You are invited to learn the complete range of my innovative styling tools so you can curate your own perfect collection, both now and in the future. The main features of this package are:

  • Precision Colour Analysis
  • Figure Finesse Body Shape Strategy
  • Style Essence Keywords
  • Style Inspirations
  • Style-Defining Moodboard
  • Icons
  • Inspirational Looks
  • Pre-shop + three hours of shopping collaboration
  • Eight weeks of ‘text check’ advice
  • PDFs and visual reference material including your Style Passport
  • Coming soon: complimentary access to the Style Elevation course curriculum
Core Style Strategy  | Style Gorgeous

Clarity Coaching

Expert insights combine with innovative tools and crystal clarity set you up for styling success. Over four weeks and three sessions we clarify your Style Essentials – your perfect colours, body shape strategy and distinct style essence – and how to apply them. My warm coaching approach enables you to develop your eye and learn the science of your most outstanding style. The main features of this package are:

  • Precision Colour Analysis
  • Figure Finesse Body Shape Strategy
  • Style Essence Keywords
  • Three hours of shopping collaboration
  • PDFs and visual reference material including your Style Passport
  • ‘Text check’ advice for four weeks
Style Elevate | Style Gorgeous

Style Elevation

Build a distinctive wardrobe that will have you feeling outstanding from the boardroom to brunch. The main features of this package are:

  • Nine-week online training curriculum that creates the conditions for successful self-styling; shows you how to elevate every look; and empowers you to curate your own collection
  • Community
  • Weekly coaching
  • See this page for further details
Self-Styling Starter | Style Gorgeous

Self-Styling Starter

Four weeks of empowerment to dress as the distinctive woman you are. The main features of this package are:

  • 3-week self-directed online training incorporating your Signal Colours, Figure Finesse Body Shape Strategy and Style Essence Keywords
  • 1-hour Bespoke Strategy Salon
  • See this page for further details

Your return on investment

Think of what you would pay for a suit from the high street or for a suit from a bespoke tailor, and your investment in styling is likely to be similar, or somewhere in between.

For this, you can enjoy one of the quickest ways to increase your confidence and improve your first impressions: style that speaks for you.

Over time this enhances your personal brand, your relationships and your career.

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