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Look fabulous, without needing to think about it. So you can be taken seriously and enjoy your style.

Be seen in your light
your clothes
Lift your game
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Do you experience any of these situations?

One too many days standing in front of your wardrobe feeling bored and unexcited

Not being taken seriously, or seen for who you are

Working with an old collection of clothes because shopping is a chore

I get it – it would be
fantastic to feel and look

I work with women to bring to life a collection of clothes and outfits they love wearing. I see them receive a huge lift from this experience, because our style influences our mood, our mind and our message. With personal style that conveys your essence, you can redefine and expand your options at work and in life.

I help women around the world and in Wellington, NZ

I would be delighted
to help you be seen in your best light

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