Frequently asked questions

Here are some of our frequently asked questions. Please feel free to contact us directly for any further questions you may have - scroll down to find that option.

First, we have a quick chat in a Style Discovery Call to help you get some insights into your style situation. We chat through what you would like to achieve and we suggest ways to get there. 

If it makes sense to work together, we recommend which of my packages would suit you best. Once you have decided, we either add you to the waiting list or begin to book in your session times. We send you a questionnaire to provide some background on your style before we start. 

Depending on the package you choose, we meet first in the city or at your home. We work together through each element of your style package, to unlock gorgeous style you completely enjoy.

There is no pressure or obligation to say goodbye to any of the clothes that you enjoy wearing.

Together we work through a collaborative process where your likes and dislikes are respected. Often you'll develop a greater understanding of the 'why' behind your likes and dislikes. At the end of the day style is incredibly personal, which is what we love about it. Everything you leave in your wardrobe and edit out is your choice.

 If you do want to give your clothes away, we can suggest where and how. 

Absolutely. For example, sometimes people travelling into Wellington are keen to spend most of their time shopping without doing any Style Essentials. Or perhaps you would like a group styling session, a clothes-swap party or a corporate event. Or perhaps you have a particular amount you would like to spend on a gift certificate. We can discuss your particular situation on your Style Discovery Call.

We choose from all the available shops, based on what you need - it's a completely unique approach every time, to suit your particular situation. We are quite deliberate about not having any discount or bonus arrangements with stores because we want to ensure that you get the best choices to suit you. Discounts and bonuses can skew the styling experience away from what might be your absolute best result.

Through your Style Essentials session and other work we do together, we discover your particular tastes, budget and what is important to you. we start with what you need and will go anywhere for you to find those pieces. If you have favourites, we can also include those shops.

Yes, absolutely. Together we'll create a list of the pieces you need and we'll help you find them. Your capsule might be for travel, work or life in general. Your Style Essentials will help you choose your pieces and together we can take it from there. 

We can be involved as much or as little as you like. If you have already done some thinking and exploring, we can work together to fill in the gaps. Or if you don't know where to start we can show you how to build your capsule.

Imagine feeling like a piece is 'really good' and making that purchase, only to discover the next day that it looks like a waste of money. 

We know the difference between 'run-away-with-me' and 'good' style is the time you spend in developing your personal style. This is why we work with the three Style Essentials - they are a never-fail combination for successful styling.

We highly recommend and include the Style Essentials in all our packages for this reason.

Yes. We can help you identify your ideal colours. We do a professional colour analysis for you using the twelve seasons system, so you can become crystal clear on your ideal colours. 
As colour is one of the Style Essentials it would be exciting to open up possibilities for you through this clarifying process. 
It is important to us that everyone we work with is equipped with the basics to have a personal style they completely enjoy. While colours are key, they are only one of your three Style Essentials. To really unlock potential in your personal style you also need to confirm the other two - your Body Shape Strategy and your Style Personality - the colour analysis alone just doesn't cut it for the results we want our clients to get.  This is why every package includes all three of your Style Essentials. 
If you're interested to talk further, let's chat. Here's the link to the Style Discovery Application form so we could see how best to help you. 

The cost of clothes is not included in your investment. This is due to the significant individual variation in how much people like to spend.

Once we have talked about creating your Style Gorgeous experience, you will be invoiced through Xero or PayPal. If you are in New Zealand you'll be able to transfer your funds to a bank account.

If you are New Zealand, you'll be able to pay into a PayPal account.

Yes! We offer a lovely gift voucher, which you can have tailored for your partner, daughter, colleague or whoever you have in mind.

Our guarantee is that we will work with you until you get the results you should get from the package you have chosen. We want all our clients to have a gorgeous experience that gets results.

One thing we have noticed is sometimes a woman has tightened the reins on their decisions so tightly that she has left herself very little room to move. This can sometimes translate into real difficulty making decisions.

If you think you might have difficulty making decisions even with clear advice, then we recommend you purchase the Style Passport package and see if styling is for you. In the process you will receive rules if you want them, or a framework for decision-making if you prefer.

The process of styling is a lot of fun when you are keen to make a change to your look.

You may discover that your wardrobe does not contain any of your best colours. Would you be ok with discovering that information?

Your body shape strategy is key to dressing your figure in a way that is flattering. Would you be ok with us taking some simple measurements and telling you your body shape?

Tapping into personal differences is how you can take your style from average to amazing. Our styling packages give you the opportunity to create a powerful personal style that truly links with your unique personality.  Would you be ok to respond to a few ideas that help you think about your personality and how you want to express that in your outfits? This takes your style to great new heights.

If you aren't particularly interested in linking your clothes with your personality, you will be really comfortable with the Style Passport package.

Yes, absolutely. Whether you are looking for mother-of-the-bride, bridesmaids, graduation, formal events or ceremonies, we can style your complete outfit from head to toe.  We usually do some research in the stores for you first to save you some time and ensure we get a great result.

Yes! Absolutely. We have served clients in the USA, Australia and across the North Island with virtual styling. The process we use is specifically designed to work perfectly in virtual sessions. Everything can be done over video, email and using apps you are familiar with on your smartphone (we will check what you're familiar with and tailor accordingly) - and that includes your colour analysis!

We work from Wellington, New Zealand and we work across Saturdays so check for availability that may suit you.

We work in Greenwich Mean Time + 13 - New Zealand time. Saturday, 10am til 6pm.

We are usually heavily booked, so occasionally we will offer a time outside these hours to make something work for you.

Yes, we can certainly explore this possibility.

Most of our clients are virtual or within a 25-minute radius of Wellington CBD. Beyond that we include a travel fee to cover driving time.

Sometimes clients who live further afar may like to arrange their styling over one afternoon or a full day.

Absolutely! We keep a digital copy of your Style Passport so that we can always re-print it for you if needed. There is a cost to have the Style Passport re-printed and sent to you, which is $59 AUD or NZD. Most of this fee is the costs of printing and postage.

We would love to! As you probably know, colours are particularly difficult to get right with standard printing. Stylists and Image Consultants work with  specialist companies who create swatches in exactly the right tones. When there are twelve seasons to choose from, it's important to see which exact tones are your best tones. 

We can arrange to have your exact colour swatch sent to your home, or give it to you if we meet together in person. We make colour swatches available to you at cost price - generally between $45 and $95 dollars depending on postage and the currency exchange rate. 

All clients can receive a digital swatch of their ideal colours - this is a single image of the full range of colours in your palette. 

Style Gorgeous is tailored for women. This specialist approach means we can keep our knowledge of stores, stock and trends current for you, without being spread too thin. We love serving women and that's what we specialise in. 

Most other stylists include male styling in their offering, even if it's not obvious on the front page, so it could be worth having a look around.

We have to admit, this is quite deliberate. We are concerned that if we put pictures everywhere you'll easily think that's the style you will get.

For us, it is crucial that your look is your look. We have resisted adding photos because we actually thrive on the variety of looks our clients are looking to achieve - everything from elegant to goth, from comfortable to architectural and from pretty to grungy. You might enjoy looking at the Before and Afters to see examples of what you could achieve.

Let's get you into your gorgeous, authentic and powerfully enjoyable personal style. But please, convince us otherwise! We're happy to be convinced.

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