Style Gorgeous is a Personal Styling and Style Coaching service in Wellington, NZ and around the globe

Hello! I'm Nina Fountain, Personal Stylist and Style Coach 

My hope for you is that you will completely enjoy your personal style.

I want you to feel gorgeous, every day. Authentic and powerful too. But most of all, that you will enjoy your style. 

Nina Fountain - Personal Stylist

  • Look great - Feel attractive and receive compliments wherever you go
  • Dress to look the part - Be confident in your outfit whether at work, at home or with friends
  • Save time and money - Shop effectively, buying outfits that make sense and really work
  • Enjoy your options - Look in your wardrobe each morning and see possibilities
  • Reduce stress when it comes to dressing -  Make quick decisions that result in great outfits
  • Enjoy your style everyday - Be inspired by the clothes you wear
  • Feel more confident in your body - Discover how dressing your body correctly changes everything about how you feel in it

Read some of the stories of women who have had success working with me:

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I decided to work with Nina because I wanted to get a few good outfits for work and maybe casual/going out, and learn what suits my figure and what I can feel comfortable in. We managed to find a few tops and a vinyl jacket that definitely appeal to the style I like – that bit of edge! I used to hate shopping but now I am actually keen to go out shopping again!   I now know what style of trousers and the type of tops that best suit my figure, and the colours that I would suit, as I know my season now. The best thing about my new clothes and outfits is I know that they suit my body type and they are the right colours for me. That means I feel comfortable and more confident.  My workmate complimented me on Monday when I wore two of the new items.  I would recommend Nina to anyone that mentions they aren’t so confident with shopping and have similar struggles that I have. I have already mentioned her to a lady at work!
CatWellington, NZ

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What a pleasure working with Nina – I have cleaned out my wardrobe to a third of what it is and I have more to wear! Nina really knows her stuff and I have learned how to work with my wardrobe, shape and style and looking forward to wearing new colours! Thanks Nina!
Helene HallWellington, NZ

Ute Lambrecht July 2018
Choosing Nina as my stylist was one of the best investments I made over the last year! I knew what looked good on me but my styling range was so narrow and predictable – I wanted to change things up. Nina has an amazing eye for what’s flattering and what’s merely meh. Her genuine and non-judgmental approach made me feel comfortable to open up my wardrobe for her to help me create new outfit combinations and go shopping with me. I highly recommend Style Gorgeous!
Ute LambrechtWellington, NZ

What to Expect from a Personal Stylist

Have you ever felt like a design consultant will say "Trust me, it'll look great! Just believe me!"?

To me that spells 'not cool'. 

It is particularly important to me that you don't feel bullied into clothes. My approach is to respect that what you wear is a very personal reflection of your personality, values and even your brand. Unless you want me to, I won't outright tell you what to wear.

Instead I use a collaborative process to ensure you arrive at looks that both flatter you and feel right to you. To me, success is achieving amazing looks in outfits you enjoy that work for your life. I want your personal style to take you places.

My clients feel like I really 'get' them, without boxing them into any pre-conceived notions.

I help you create your own style, whether that is edgy, romantic, classic, bohemian, timeless, casual, sexy, sporty, trendy, avant-garde or any other genre.

I help you design looks that achieve the outcomes you're looking for, whether you are dressing for the boardroom or for the playroom, for weekends or for significant business commitments, for keynote speaking or for key social events.

Nina Fountain - Personal Style Coach - School of Style certificate
I am a certified Personal Stylist, with a Certificate in Personal Styling from LA's School of Style. School of Style is one of the world's leading schools for Fashion Stylists and Personal Stylists.

After working with me you'll have outfit options you love, that work for you. Gone are the days of having nothing to wear!

My Philosophy on Style

When you work with me you'll hear a few themes. I view fashion as a beautiful, creative tool for life - for enjoyment, for success and for fun. I am all about having fun with fashion and for me that means creating possibilities and freedom. 

You'll hear me talk about fun, joy and freedom instead of 'the rules', things you 'must do' and how you 'should' look. Together we will work within design rules, but not make a big deal of them. Instead, I translate design rules into a set of guidelines that are easy to follow when you need to look the part. 

My view on the fashion industry is firstly that I am grateful it provides us with options. However I do think that sometimes the industry creates standards that are ludicrous and limiting. For example, the idea that white 'should' only be worn in summer, or you 'have to have' this particular colour to be stylish this season. (Maybe it doesn't flatter you.)

There is usually far more freedom in fashion than most people realise, which just adds to the fun.  I am here to show you how enjoyable styling can be - it could surprise you.

Once you've solved your style challenges with me you will have more space in your mind and heart for the rest of life's challenges and adventures. Ready, set, go!

I dream of fashion designs. I love the art of fashion and enjoy playing with it. I simply wish that more of us would be able to view fashion so that it serves us (who's the boss?) rather than being caught up in the unnecessary drama that can often be part of the fashion scene.

My Purpose and Passion

My life purpose is to create opportunities for others to thrive. It's what I do, what I love to do and what feels great to me. In so many things, this is what I am thinking about and working towards. It's one of the things I am grateful for at the end of the day and it brings a smile to my face. 

Style Gorgeous is about creating opportunities for you to thrive, through greater enjoyment of your personal style. I want you to be able to look in the mirror and feel great about what you see. I know that will carry over to greater influence, confidence and joy. 

Your Personal Invitation

Your first step to  style you enjoy could be to take up a free 15 Minute call with me to discuss your next steps.

Book a Style Discovery call to find out more