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After feeling 'blah' about my style for most of my twenties, I finally started to feel great in my style in my early 30s. A few years later I was asked out of the blue to give a talk on how to have gorgeous personal style.

My own learning journey to that point was driven by my desire to have a low-stress, high-confidence, I-love-it wardrobe.

When I saw how much joy I was able to share that day and how much it meant to the women I helped, I wanted to do that more often. A few months later, in January 2017, Style Gorgeous was created to help more women unlock style they completely enjoy.

Receiving a personal styling certification from LA’s School of Style was helpful. Yet nothing can replace the experience of being there myself, learning exactly what it takes to feel amazing in what you wear.


Meet the team

Hayley is our Design Manager. Holding the motto that she can learn anything she puts her mind to, Hayley has developed skills in a broad variety of categories from business to art. 

For over 15 years Hayley has been selling her branding and artwork to vendors internationally. 

Hayley uses her art background and knowledge of colour theory to emphasise her unique style. 

When she isn’t working, Hayley enjoys spending time with her children and is always up for a good read with some hot chocolate.

Willow is our Sales and Marketing Assistant. Willow is an experienced leader with international experience, gained mainly in Canada and Australia. She recently completed a BComm in Entrepreneurial Management and has spent over ten years managing and leading successful teams in business’ of all sizes. 

Willow is passionate about helping women draw out their confidence through natural beauty.

On the weekend Willow loves packing up her van, loading up her pup and heading out to the beach to camp, surf, and enjoy nature!

Style Gorgeous is a personal styling and coaching service for women in Wellington, NZ and across the globe

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