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About Us

Hi, my name is Nina and I am the lead stylist at Style Gorgeous.

I felt 'blah' about my style for most of my teens and twenties. I knew I needed to find my style - I felt like people misunderstood me, and I wanted to excel in my career.

My love of design propelled me to find ways to understand style. I wanted to love my style, nothing less.

In the end I spent thousands of dollars on educating myself and experimenting with style. I examined thousands of outfits as people walked past me in Sydney, Melbourne, London, Paris, Milan and other cities around the world.

Then in my early 30s I started receiving compliments on my style and people started asking me for advice. I realised I had worked it out.

In January 2017, I received my styling certification from LA's School of Style and started Style Gorgeous.

Today it is an absolute honour to help women be seen for who they are and what they can bring.


Meet the team

Hayley is our Design Manager. Holding the motto that she can learn anything she puts her mind to, Hayley has developed skills in a broad variety of categories from business to art. 

For over 15 years Hayley has been selling her branding and artwork to vendors internationally. 

Hayley uses her art background and knowledge of colour theory to emphasise her unique style. 

When she isn’t working, Hayley enjoys spending time with her children and is always up for a good read with some hot chocolate.

Style Gorgeous is a personal styling and coaching service for women in Wellington, NZ, across the country and around the globe

What makes us unique

Style Gorgeous is tailored for women. 

We offer exclusive systems that clarify and simplify personal styling – our body shape system and seven-step style development process.

The Style Gorgeous approach to colour analysis took the twelve-seasons colour analysis system and made it ‘remote first’ way back in 2017. We now offer remote styling, style development and shopping to complement this service. 

More About Nina

Nina is an entrepreneur building businesses that make a positive impact. Her work is inspired by her ‘why’ – taking people on brave adventures that increase their success and joy. 


You’ll occasionally find her creating pencil portraiture.

Nina talks about confidence for city living
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