If you can only buy one piece…

If you can only buy one piece…

Your personal style changes everything but there are two pieces you really need, regardless of your style.

Whether you prefer casual, street, chic, classic or timeless, you probably already know which piece you really need.

‘A pair of jeans’ – it’s is the easy answer.

So now that we’ve got that over with, and because you probably already knew that, what is the other essential element of your wardrobe?

This is where it gets difficult, because we all have our own pieces that will work best for you, within your style.

However regardless of your style there is one piece that you will need in almost every season, unless you live in the tropics – a go-to jacket.

Jackets are a perfect opportunity to express your unique self.

Whether it’s a trench, a bomber jacket, a blazer or a leather jacket, a jacket is where you should put your money.

I recently invested some birthday money, with a little help from my friends, in a new leather jacket. Now that I have it I remember just how much I needed it – I wear it all the time.

Nothing replaces a great jacket – you can’t wear 3 long-sleeve T-shirts and get as much warmth. You can’t throw on a scarf and get as much style impact as a jacket provides.

Jeans can be ‘just jeans’ – they’re so common they can get overlooked, whereas jackets really say who you are.

If you can only buy one thing, make it a jacket you love.

Clothes shown in this post are from Top Shop, Urban Outfitters & unknown.

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