Take your next step to impactful, gorgeous personal style
Take your next step to impactful, gorgeous personal style

“Do you always dress so smartly?”

“Do you always dress so smartly? Have you had your colours done by a Personal Stylist?”

The question came from an unexpected source. The guy across the table from me was my agent for keynote speeches.

We met at late notice when I had an hour up my sleeve on a recent business trip to Auckland.

Over a quick cafe catch-up we talked about my keynote speaking gigs.

Surprisingly, the conversation turned to how styling fits into my consulting work and could be used in my keynote speeches.

I could see it all coming together. At the end of the meeting, my agent walked away with a new pitch for my work and one that he liked a lot better.

It was a joy to have the two arenas where I play come together in a synchronous reflection of who I am.

I hope this little example is inspiring.

People DO notice when you’ve put together a great, flattering outfit. It’s persuasive.

And when it only takes you two minutes in the morning, that’s not cheating.

Not in my books.

– NinaGreat Style Stands Out
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