When the rules are plain wrong

When the rules are plain wrong

When you bring me on as your Personal Stylist you’ll hear a few themes. I view fashion as a beautiful, creative tool for life – for enjoyment, for success and for fun. I am all about having fun with fashion and for me that means creating possibilities and freedom.

My view on the fashion industry is first that I’m grateful it provides us with options.

However, I do think that sometimes the industry creates standards that are ludicrous and limiting. For example, the idea that white should only be worn in summer, or you ‘have to have’ this particular colour to be stylish this season. (Maybe it doesn’t flatter you.)

There is usually far more freedom in fashion than most people realise, which just adds to the fun. I am here to show you how enjoyable styling can be – it could surprise you.

Once you’ve solved your style challenges with me you will have more space in your mind and heart for the rest of life’s challenges and adventures. Ready, set, go!

Does that mean that it’s not good to spend time thinking of fashion? Not at all. Heck, I dream of fashion designs!

I love the art of fashion and love playing with it. I simply wish that more of us would be able to view fashion so that it serves us (who’s the boss?) rather than being caught up in the unnecessary drama that can often be part of the fashion scene.

Thank you Vera and Maribel at Creativa Design Studio for the opportunity to be a panellist and to share with women in business my views on looking good in the world of business. Your fabulous (and first!) Women in Business event was so much fun! I look forward to the next one.

– Nina

P.S. My 5 top tips for shopping are a great way to start having more fun with fashion: http://eepurl.com/cKPYEr

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