“You are amazing”

“You are amazing”

Hari was one of our Ultimate You Prize Event winners who got the full red carpet treatment with photography by Tabitha Arthur Photography, makeup by Alana MUHA and styling by Yours Truly. Hari won the ‘Celebrity for a Day’ prize package.

When we put together this event we wanted to bring to the table our individual expertise to create a valuable experience and we wanted to give the winners the opportunity to feel valuable and incredible in their own right. Each of us strives to give women confidence and so combining our powers to bring this threefold was the obvious goal.

The experience started before the day of Hari’s photoshoot. We identified her colours, her body shape, and went through her wardrobe remotely. She tried things on and togehter we went through and nailed which pieces would work for her shoot. We found the pieces that would bring out the essence of her style – pieces that would capture a celebrity vibe for her Celebrity for a Day shoot.

In this video, Hari talks about how much she enjoyed the experience. She came into it not knowing what to expect from a styling session, but came out well educated about how to dress and knowing that she wasn’t expected to drop everything she liked to wear before by any means; bespoke styling meant that she could continue to wear her favourite jeans, she just learned what outfits work best for her.

We absolutely thrive on seeing women gain so much confidence through the styling experience. It is far from vain, styling is really self care. Women are driven to not only revel in their Style Personality and also take that into their daily life; to work, friends, and family. Find out more about our services to see the confidence boosting styling we have to offer.


Nina, Personal Stylist

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