“Absolutely do it!”

“Absolutely do it!”

Sarah was one of our Ultimate You Prize Event winners who got the full red carpet treatment with photography by Tabitha Arthur Photography, makeup by Alana MUHA and styling by Yours Truly.

When we put together this event we wanted to bring to the table not only our individual expertise to create a valuable experience but we also wanted to give our winners the chance to feel valuable and incredible in their own right. Each of us strives to give women confidence. Combining our powers to bring this threefold was the obvious goal.

Sarah wanted to reinvent herself. After having a baby, she lost her style mojo and was looking to get it back. As a woman starting a new business she was looking for a clear personal brand. When Sarah entered the competition, she wasn’t sure what she’d be in for but she knew that it would be a fantastic experience nonetheless.

With that in mind, we pieced together what she was looking for; she wanted a more professional look and feel for future business ventures, and she wanted to be able to have a clear indication of her Style Personality so that she felt confident and driven.

We went through the process of assessing Sarah’s Style Essentials so she was crystal clear on her body shape and colours and the unique essence of her style. Sarah could understand how to present herself in her new business in the way she wants to be seen, while not losing any of her individuality.

We absolutely love when we can help women step back into the driver’s seat with their style and take that into their daily life; to work, friends, and family. Find out more about our services to see the confidence boosting styling we have to offer.


Nina, Personal Stylist

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