“Who wore it better?” they ask

“Who wore it better?” they ask

“Who wore it better?”

This is such a loaded question, full of perception and judgment. What if the answer is no one, they both look spectacular.

Our lovely ladies here have different skin tones, different hair colour, and different body types but they both look amazing. Why is that? Because they’ve both made the piece their own. The key to styling is not just picking pieces that suit your skin, hair, and body, it’s about showing your Style Personality as well.

These ladies have taken the same piece and added belts, shoes (and pants even!) to take the outfit up a notch and pull out their personality, whether that be fun and exciting, or sexy.

Sussing out what’s what can seem like the job for a cryptographer but with the help of a trained eye, nailing the perfect outfit can be easy.

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Nina, Personal Stylist

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