Elevate Your Black Outfits

Elevate Your Black Outfits

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut wearing the same uniform and colour day in day out.

New Zealanders love wearing black; we’ve been hearing for years that black suits everyone. I’m here to tell you that a mass of black can make you look drab and uninteresting.

Here are a few tips to improve your black uniform to take it up a level.

1. Make sure that your outfit fits. Yes that seems basic, but an ill-fitting outfit can really bring down your confidence.
2. Add a colour to draw the eye to the things you love about your body. Wearing a lot of black means the eye will focus on any colour it sees. Wearing a scarf (watch this space for ways to tie your scarf this Autumn/Winter), a belt, or a block colour will take your outfit from blah to wow.
3. Add jewellery to dress up or down your outfit. Fine jewellery dresses up and heavy coloured jewellery (eg. coloured stone jewellery) dresses down. Fit your jewellery to the occassion.

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