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“Now I have more fun with colour”

“Now I have more fun with colour”

One of the most special things that can happen in my day is hearing a woman speak about how she’s enjoying her wardrobe thanks to her Personal Styling expirience.

Recently Lynne Russell told me that following Style Gorgeous has totally transformed her approach to style.

In Wellington, we’re all conditioned to black. Black, black everywhere – I’ve heard it called ‘the sea of black’. Melbourne girls, you know what I mean too.

Lynne sent me this pic after her recent shopping trip – every item incorporates colour.

She’s loving exploring colours and experimenting with new outfit combinations.

I was so happy for her, and thrilled to be the source of her inspiration.

If you know someone who wants a little more ‘gorgeous’ in their style, feel free to share this page with them.

– Nina

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