How to pack for your next trip away

How to pack for your next trip away

How. To. Pack. Some people love it, some people hate it but packing for travel is something all of us have to do at some point.

So first things first. How much should I pack? Pull out every item of clothing for every scenario that will come up and then aim to cut that pile in half. Remove items that are superfluous and don’t have an instance where they can be worn for at least two scenarios. Keep formal outfits if they’re required, otherwise taking something that can be dressed up or down would be more worthwhile. Limit shoes to two pairs packed for at least a week. And to save the hassle of ironing whilst away, aim to pack wrinkle resistant items. And our hot tip – pack for your most important events first, it really reduces the stress.

Now what should be packed is identified, these items should be rolled or folded in order to both conserve space but also limit the wrinkle-factor. We especially love sorting clothing into outfits (hello, lookbook – check out our services to see what that’s about), and either rolling them together with your intimates in the centre and adding the outfit out or folding them into a packing cube by outfit. Keep socks with shoes and always ensure toiletries and makeup are packed into their own bags.

Leave space if shopping for things to bring home is on the agenda. Having to buy another suitcase on the go can be an expensive exercise as it both increases your luggage costs coming home but also leaves the impression that there’s all that space to fill. Leaving room limits both the amount you spend and the amount you bring home.

And with that we wish you happy travels 💛 We know you earned that long waited break 🙂

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