Shopping tips for Black Friday

Shopping tips for Black Friday

It’s funny to think that the American tradition of Thanksgiving has made it to our shores in it’s own way, but here we are. Black Friday. Sales galore, just in time for Christmas – it’s certainly top of mind to get out into the stores and get as many bargains as possible.

We know a thing or two about shopping and even though our aim is shopping for clothing, this is conveniently applicable to shopping at large.

Top tip #1: Take stock of what actually needs to be bought. Go through and figure out what everyone already has and plan out what is needed. Sitting down to make a list, which includes the list-maker we might add, means there’s no unnecessary spending.

Top tip #2: Identify the places that have the things on the list and compare their prices. No need to pay an arm and a leg. Time consuming, but depending on the item can save tens, hundreds or even thousands of dollars. T

op tip #3: Plan out the shopping trip. This is a military operation. Get in, get out. For things that require some thought, don’t allow too much meander time, refer back to the list for things that you need before buying.

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