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Let's talk luggage

Let’s talk luggage

We’ve been on a bag trip lately (have you noticed?!) and what’s travel without talking luggage?

Sure we could get to point A to point B with a practical black bag that you need a bagtag to identify on the carousel, but what fun would it be to have matching carry on and luggage that is super easy for you to identify?

Today we’ll show two luggage options that are both stylish for those on the lookout for what’s around.

Option number one is definitely a trendsetting piece. Guess of course is a well known brand founded in Los Angeles. They’re chic, they’re classy, they’re like the affordable version of Louis Vuiton. Not wanting to shell out thousands of dollars for luggage but still love the look, Guess is the answer. They do a variety of prints but this is their classic look. This comes in matching underseat bag, carry-on, and luggage. Looks nice, easily identifyable.

Maybe you’re a peacock who loves to flaunt their beautiful luggage in pastels, or maybe you prefer a more demure look. Whatever your look, Nere has you covered. They have such a fantastic range with colours that will get you in the mood for travel.

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