Justine Lamont loves not caring what others think

Justine Lamont loves not caring what others think

Justine Lamont is a lady who is loving being unconcerned with what others think of her. 

Justine provides tailored parent coaching solutions, helping them to be calm, alert and focused when facing their parenting challenges. What a gift! Her work is driven by an interest in understanding people and how they think. She designed Good to Great Parenting to help parents understand their children better and build strong families. 

We chatted about the role of style in her life as a woman in business.

Justine believes something special about style: “Style can help you express your personality and give people a sense of who you are.” In this, she believes no other area of life is quite so good at expressing who you are. Justine has also noticed that people feel and perform better when they present themselves well. 

Loving a 1950’s style of look, Justine’s own style is tailored. Her style icons are Meryl Streep and Audrey Hepburn – women of distinction, elegance and class. She loves “Good coats, shoes and handbags!”

It’s amazing how time is a teacher. Over time Justine has learned that less is more, and that style should make you look good. If there is one thing she wants to change now, it’s to “…spend more time planning outfits.” I totally understand that – a planned outfit is one that is so much more likely to make you look good!

Justine is also an advocate for being less hard on yourself, realising that we are all a work in progress. Isn’t that the truth?

I asked Justine which fashion rules are really old fashioned in her view, and just need to be ignored. Her response was that following what is in fashion now is so out of date. “Instead we should wear what looks good on us right now.”

For anyone who is struggling to enjoy their fashion, or for that matter, their life, Justine’s advice is to “Give yourself permission to be a beginner and take small steps to build momentum. Just get started and do one thing.”

Justine can be found here on the web at Good to Great Parenting, and here on Facebook or Instagram.

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