How many pairs of shoes should I pack?

How many pairs of shoes should I pack?

The oft forgotten measure when travelling – what shoes am I going to wear? While you could pack twenty different pairs of shoes for every scenario you can think of we’re going to narrow it down to a nice manageable three – and you’ll be wearing a pair of them to the airport so really it’s two!

Sneakers – absolute must. Wear ’em on the plane and you’re set for a comfortable time – also, if you’re a stiletto wearer, it skips the awkward shoe removal through customs ;). Essential for exploring different types of terrain for day wear – don whatever you love; Converse, Vans, Gucci, whatever takes your fancy.

Heeled sandals, preferably in a neutral tone. For those times you need to dress up but with a shoe that is versatile for both day and night. Swanky café lunch? Heeled sandals and sundress. Restaurant date? Heeled sandals and cocktail dress. But what about cool, wet weather?

Ankle boots. With or without heel, bonus points for a grippy sole. Long boots are a bit too restrictive when it comes to scenarios to wear them whereas you can get away with ankle boots in most instances where sneakers are too casual, and sandals are too cold. We have services directly tailored for travel, check out what we offer to find out more.

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