Comfort and fashion? Yes, please!

Comfort and fashion? Yes, please!

Some may think that fashion and comfort are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Fashion doesn’t need to be uncomfortable. Here’s how to turn heads without sacrificing comfort.

Slouchy sweatshirts? Totally in. Oversized comfy sweaters are a lovely addition to an outfit that not only keep in warmth, but can look great too. Tuck the front into your jeans for that chic I-know-I-look-great-but-also-super-casual look – the French tuck. You can get away with this if you’re an hourglass shape. Or tuck in the whole sweatshirt and pull some slack out a bit to accentualy your waist. This is a great go-to if your figure is the bigger-at-the-bottom shape.

Jumpsuits? They look so put together but also have the advantage of being pretty comfortable. They couple with layering well so no matter the temperature, the jumpsuit has your back. The jumpsuit is a go-to favourite for hourglass figures and can often suit the the straight shape, and with the right cut, the bigger-at-the-bottom shape.

Long coats? Creating long lines looks so elegant, and long coats have got it goin’ on. The best part? Tying them up might not even be necessary most of the year, giving leeway for layering and comfort. Don’t feel like thinking about an outfit too much? Throwing one of these on elevates any outfit. Fantastic wardrobe addition and definitely a hot option if there is one at your disposal.

We know the importance of style fitting a woman’s personality – it’s so vital that a wardrobe isn’t what someone says is or isn’t right for her, but something she thinks is right. Check out our Services to find out if our styling could unlock style you completely enjoy 🙂


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