Winter wardrobe changeover

Winter wardrobe changeover

As the days get shorter and cooler and our trees move from a golden glow to a more barren version of themselves, we know it’s time to move out the spring/summer wardrobe and haul the winter wardrobe out from hibernation.

It’s quite the task but it’s a perfect time to not only take stock of what you have and get rid of things you won’t wear, but also be able to focus on the pieces you can actually wear during winter months; short-shorts and skirts won’t cut it when it’s windy and raining outside.

Here’s our easy process for a winter wardrobe switchover:

Step 1: Pull out all the items you won’t be wearing for the next six months – that’s all the thin short sleeved items, shorter skirts, shorts, anything summer.

Step 2: Put aside alterations. Having a fantastic tailor will Change👏 Your👏 Life👏 Seriously. Regularly ensuring that clothing fits well and is well maintained extends their longevity.

Step 3: Enjoy having a bit more space… Feels great, doesn’t it?

Step 4: Fold. Fold your summer items ready to be stored.

Step 5: Label. When it comes summer, not hunting around for where you put XYZ will be a blessing. We promise.

Step 6: Pack. Vacuum pack the folded and labelled summer items so they take up less space when storing. Also add anti-moth essential oils to keep them safe 🙂

Step 7: Bring out that winter wardrobe and slot it in. Optionally, steam your winter items to freshen them up.


Taking out seasonal items means you aren’t drowning in the seas of clothes, not even sure what fits anymore or what should even be in circulation. Sometimes it takes another person to look at what you have and give a helping hand on what direction to go in and how to make your wardrobe a sea of excitement and tranquility instead. Check out the Services we offer 🙂


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