“What you wear can actually speak back to you…”

“What you wear can actually speak back to you…”

Style Gorgeous recently chatted with @brasandbriefsexpert on all things body confidence and feeling gorgeous. Styling can be seen as a serious vanity project for the person being styled but actually it’s about taking control of yourself and putting you back in the driver’s seat of your life; it’s self-care.

Our stylist had this to say;

“I’ve been styling for five years.

I know what it’s like to have to be in both both situations where your clothes are not really working for you. They’re not bringing out your best and you step into them and you just feel ‘blah’. You don’t feel great, you know you feel really average in what you wear. And then I know how it feels to be in the other situation where you can look forward to your outfits. You can step into them and say, ‘This is really me and I look great.’ And gosh, it feels good.

People do see styling as ‘You’d only do that if you were extremely vain,’ because it’s about the external. Actually I believe it’s so much about your internal. It’s so much about how you feel about yourself and about your day. What you wear can actually speak back to you all day long. About you and how you see yourself and and that makes it not at all vain. It’s really self care. It’s actually so powerful to give ourselves the time and headspace even if it’s five minutes in the morning.”


Nina, Personal Stylist

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