The beauty of motherhood

The beauty of motherhood

Motherhood is such an all encompassing journey. First becoming a mother is both exciting and daunting; understanding that this child now has reliance on you for everything is something you can never fully prepare for. It’s not always easy, sometimes tough decisions have to be made and so often a mother loses her own identity to motherhood; another sacrifice she has made in order to be what she believes is best for her child.

But it’s in those sacrifices that we see the beauty of who she is as a person. We come to understand the all the parts of her personality and how they leave such a strong impression on us.

A mother doesn’t have to be blood related, she could be adoptive or mother-in-law or a close friend – the important part is that she knows that she’s doing a good job and to keep going.

Happy Mother’s Day to all those beautiful women out there – “A mother’s love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible” – Marion C. Garretty


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