Become your best ambassador

Become your best ambassador

I am celebrating a couple of great Personal Styling sessions recently with the launch of my new tagline.

I used to think that we all want to dress for career success, but who has a career these days in the traditional sense of the word?

One of my clients said to me this morning “I loved shopping for those new outfits, it was effortless and they look good.”

I love that! This gig is so much fun. I really love giving you that experience of stepping out feeling amazing.

It’s about knowing you can present the best version of yourself.

And still giving yourself permission to have pajama days 👀

With my approach to styling, my clients never feel boxed in or bullied into something that isn’t them. I work from the inside out to understand your unique style and work with that.

So thrilled to be sharing this journey with you – giving you the opportunity to be your best ambassador.

Launching my shopping tips e-book soon – message me if you want a copy.

– Nina

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