Your wardrobe edit could give a jobseeker what they need

Your wardrobe edit could give a jobseeker what they need

I was really thrilled to take some clothes to Dress for Success Wellington recently – one of my recent Personal Styling clients wanted to donate her ‘No-longer-serves-me’ clothes – you know the ones – they give you low-lying stress every time you open the wardrobe.

Often the clothes that are causing us stress could be great for someone else with a different shape, colour or style.

Or maybe the woman who could use your clothes is at a different stage in her life and needs her clothes to do a different job to what you need right now.

The Style Gorgeous wardrobe edit is a great way to reduce your stress and you can opt to have your clothes donated to Dress for Success.

You can find out more by contacting me

It’s just so lovely to be able to create a win-win through this work.

Every item is appreciated by Dress for Success – they choose what they can use for their clients and sell the rest to contribute to running their service.

I am looking for other projects where Style Gorgeous can make an impact through fashion – if you know of a great one, please get in touch.

– Nina

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