I gave my confidence a huge boost

I gave my confidence a huge boost

I gave my confidence a huge boost.

Like many of us, my journey with understanding my colours was patchy at best.

I remember when my mum had her colours done by a personal stylist – I was around the age of eight at the time.

With her newfound understanding she worked out (correctly) that I was a ‘summer’ in Carole Jackson’s famous colour system.

But I didn’t like the verdict – I was told that my best colours were pastels but since then I’ve largely rebelled against pastels.

I’ve avoided them like the plague, and often wondered whether ’summer’ was actually the correct season for me.

Now that I’m a personal stylist, I understand that ’summer’ was the correct season for me, but I’m an unusual ’summer’ – I have an auburn cast to my hair, and my hair is dark, so I can actually wear quite well the darker colours and wonderfully bright colours that are in my closet.

But I knew that!

I had my natural instincts confirmed. I also discovered an even broader range of colours than I realised I could wear.

I found confidence in confirming that I wasn’t a ‘non-season’, or thinking I was the wrong season.

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