Start your week with a success booster

Start your week with a success booster

Here is a success booster to start your week.

We’ve all heard that your income tends to be the average of your five closest friends’ income. Or is it six? 😉

And that you can tell a person’s character by the friends they hang around with.

Does that mean that we should ditch our friends? Not at all.

Perhaps by adding, rather than subtracting, we can make positive changes to our circle of influence.

I don’t think this means ditching your friends. I do think it means embracing opportunities to meet with, hang out and talk with people who are living life how you want to live yours.

For you this might mean welcoming opportunities to talk about style more, if that’s an area of your life where you want to grow.

You may like to join my new FaceBook group: 7 Days of Style Inspiration, where you’ll find a community of women talking about style ideas. I also give daily input – you’re bound to be inspired with ideas for your style.

To join the waitlist, use the form on this page.

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