What to wear on TV

What to wear on TV

I had a television interview last week…

In my other business as a management consultant, I’ve developed a specialist expertise, which I was interviewed about on SKY TV.

A TV interview? Help!

There were interview questions to prepare, answers to consider and another issue to resolve – what to wear.

Green screens, shiny earrings, the fact that TV apparently adds 10 pounds to your appearance….

What to wear wasn’t my first concern but I was still incredibly glad when a friend of mine was able to give me great TV interview advice AND tell me what not to wear.

So, if your career takes a turn and you find yourself with the opportunity for a TV interview, let me know and I’ll be happy to share my personal styling tips.

* No shiny earrings or clothes
* Keep your clothing fitted, no billowing tops
* Don’t wear green in case they use a green screen behind you
* No stripes or fine patterns

Sounds strange but the whole thing was a lot of fun. I hope you get the experience.

Here is a pic of the show’s host – Jon Dee – fixing his earpiece during the ad break.

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