Boho Chic Goodness

Boho Chic Goodness

Bohemian fashion. We’ve heard about it and trust us when we say, it’s not all for the flower child. The flowing lines that define bohemian fashion fit so well in the “between” seasons, and the beauty of bohemian fashion is that it’s so forgiving. It hides the things you want to keep hidden and is great for those days where you want to feel effortlessly chic.

For those that love rigidity and structure to your clothing, fear not. Top that dress off, loud print or no, with a blazer and a tote and you’re set to roam the streets of Italy (yay for being able to travel again). Or tuck a free-flowing blouse into some high-waisted pants to add some straight lines into the mix.

Fashion “genres” help highlight certain types of patterns and styles but there’s absolutely no need to stick with one category if you love a little bit from each one. Check out our services to see if we can help you break the habit of one genre fashion.

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