Wet weather? No worries

Wet weather? No worries

It’s officially spring! It feels like this year is going so fast (psst, Christmas is only 3 months away, eek!). Even though with spring comes the rain, it also brings warmer weather. Here are a couple of spring beaut’s we’ve found to help keep dry this season.

Gummies are a spring staple but wearing your farm boots in the city might garner a few stares when you’re rocking a sleek ‘fit. Merry People gotchu with their take on gumboots. Ankle boots designed for torrential rain in a range of cute colours. Some of them even come in kids sizes if you’re in for a matchy matchy moment.

Maybe we don’t get so much snow (depending on where you are), but we do get regular deluges of rain that seemingly come out of nowhere. We all have standard raincoats in black, navy, or green – absolutely essential – but you know what? You can get gorgeous raincoats made here in NZ and the best part is they run all the up to a 22! This dusty pink number is equal parts cute and elegant – Scribbler has so many gorgeous floral coats if flowers are your love language 😉

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