How Style Icons influence our looks

How Style Icons influence our looks

As we head into the middle of winter (we’re over halfway through the year already), we want to point out how some Royal looks can inspire a few outfits. The Royals typically pick very traditional and timeless cuts.

Here is a beautiful Mulberry Ashleigh coat from the 2018 Fall collection that Katherine wore on a tour to Ireland (and likely other places too – she’s known to gasp recycle outfits because she likes them). It’s timeless, it’s chic, it’s graceful; all things royal – but how does this fit someone who isn’t a size 6?

The important thing about Style Icons is that they’re just that, icons – they’re for inspiration and not necessarily people who you must buy that exact coat from. So how do we restyle this? We can take the colour, cut, or general style and add it to the toolbox.

For example, if you’re heavier down the bottom, giving more interest at the top “balances” out the outfit. This coat has a cape so finding a coat that adds more interest at the top – especially something to broaden the shoulders slightly – will look fab. Quite straight up and down? This coat has a belt, tightening this means that the cape falls just nicely to bring in the waist while also adding curves, altering the silhouette.

Moving the earth is not necessary to take inspo from Style Icons and identifying our client’s icons is something that is part and parcel of our services. Click here to find out more about what we offer.

Nina, Personal Stylist

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