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Lookbooks and beautiful outfits

Lookbooks and beautiful outfits

Our Style Vacation package gives a woman her personal lookbook – a series of wow outfits that reflect her style and look incredible on her. Getting dressed in the morning becomes a breeze as you choose from a series of ideal looks, already put together.

Our stylist does this for her own wardrobe to simplify getting ready in the morning and take a previously time consuming task and making it much easier. It’s the last thing she does on her phone at night – check the weather tomorrow, then choose an outfit for the day.

“I just didn’t have 10 or 15 minutes each morning to work out what I was wearing. And I wanted to solve that problem as well. I wanted to be able to just get things put them on and go and and now it does take me two minutes. I literally just flick through my lookbook and decide which outfit is the right outfit for tomorrow. I look forward to it and it’s such a different experience to what it used to be. It really does add a lot to your life.”

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Nina, Personal Stylist

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