“I wear something that makes me feel great”

“I wear something that makes me feel great”

Ann Woolston is a business owner who spent 30 years in the corporate world, wearing black – “It was a lot of dark colours and suits. The  ‘professional’ look was required.” 

Perhaps in part because of this experience, she discovered that she loved colour. Ann says that now, she loves wearing colour and doesn’t own a single suit. 

Ann works in a ‘man’s world’, in the building and construction industry: “Clients love seeing a woman come along to their meetings, not just a “bloke” who is going to try and tell them how best to run their household!” 

Fashion plays a role in Ann’s approach to being her confident self: “I wear something that makes me feel great,”  Ann said. 

She has also maintained her confidence by reminding herself of her abilities: “I have sayings that reinforce I can do it. And I surround myself with like minded people.”

There is one man in Ann’s life who seems to understand gorgeous design. When I asked Ann about any gorgeous pieces she has treated herself to, she mentioned a casual jacket that her husband found. “He thought it was awesome and he bought it for me. I still wear it, it has lasted so well.”

Ann’s take on enjoying work and life is very much about understanding your true self: “Understand your core values, what is important to you. Embrace and then make it happen, don’t compromise on who you truly are.” 

I couldn’t agree more. 

Ann is a founder and owner of Smartway Builders, an end-to-end building services provider.


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