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Wellington-based event for women who sew September 2018

Wellington-based event for women who sew – September 2018

Can you believe I get to do this?

8 or 10 women who sew, leading them through a fun Personal Styling session exploring their Style Essentials.

I so admire sewists – they spend years perfecting their craft, months curating their collection of materials and patterns and hours poring over each piece. I admire the patience and attention to detail – it’s incredible.

Lately I’ve met a few women who have found that despite all this, they haven’t been able to get that ‘wow’ factor from their wardrobe.

Through working together they’ve discovered that there’s a slightly different combination of materials, colours, textures, patterns, shapes etc. that brings the ‘wow’ to their pieces.

… Their unique combination of Style Essentials.

One of these incredible women – Emma Prestidge – wrote a blog post this week about her journey: https://emmasatelierblog.com/…/cultivating-the-ultimate-wa…/

Emma and I got together with Sandra from Sew Social NZ and hatched a plan to make the style foundations more accessible to women who sew. We created a format that requires less commitment than a personal consultation.

The Style Explorer workshop will be a fun opportunity for sewists to explore their style foundations and swap notes with each other.

It’s a great first step to powerful personal style. As far as we know, there is rarely anything like this in Wellington that is tailored to the sewing community.

If you know a woman in Wellington who sews, feel free to share this post with them or the Stylegorgeous FaceBook page.

– Nina

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