Helen now enjoys her style even more

Helen now enjoys her style even more

I loved working with Helen recently. Helen is the Treatment Coordinator of a busy clinic so she wants to present a fantastic professional image that fits with her classic, elegant style.

Helen saw an opportunity to dress for work and play in her new, slimmer figure, after losing weight recently. It was important to Helen to look professional, and with the help of a Personal Stylist, Helen discovered that it is equally important to have fun with her fashion. Together we worked out just how she likes to do that.

Helen bought the Style Therapy package, which gave her an opportunity to edit her wardrobe and explore her favourite looks. We also planned specific outfits for her upcoming trip to Thailand.

Helen gave this review of her Style Therapy package:

“I now have a very workable wardrobe. I can mix and match pieces for casual, work, formal and evening wear. Purchasing a few key items, without breaking the budget enabled me to put some amazing looks together.

Nina helped me to define and express my style after losing quite a bit of weight, by having a look at my existing wardrobe, my style icons, and establishing my colours and body shape. I now have a more direct style, knowing what suits my parameters.

My shopping is easier now. I know exactly what to look for, colours, style and favourite shops. I can confidently wear my new look and totally rock it! People comment on how good I look now!

Nina has the gift of the gab when it comes to making her clients feel and look great about themselves by quantifying their features and working with them to achieve a result that will created a wonderful confidence that radiates to show the results she has achieved!

I have already recommended Style Gorgeous to friends and colleagues.”

To find out more about the Style Therapy package, visit the Packages page or contact Nina today.

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