Colour could add ten years or take them off

Colour could add ten years or take them off

Colour could add ten years or take them off.

Red is a popular colour, and everyone can wear red, but which shade of red is right for you? If your best colour is watermelon red, you won’t do well with orange-red.

Orange-red will be the one that gets you zero compliments, and when you look in the mirror you’ll wonder, ‘Did I get enough sleep last night?’ and ‘Is that a new wrinkle?’

For someone else, orange-red will be the colour that gets them compliments everywhere they turn.

But what makes this so?

Around 50 women discovered the answer last week in 7 Days of Style Inspiration, a closed FaceBook group by Personal Stylist Nina.

We explored their colour foundations and why for them, one shade might be amazing, while another is disastrous.

Comments from the group: “Thank you!” – “Your advice is very much appreciated” – “Great to know!” – “Thanks, that’s so helpful!” – “thanks to you Nina, I’m now also adding crisp light colours to my wardrobe” – “Just reread again all your amazing insight” – “This is awesome Nina!” – “This is great information!” – “You really know your stuff”

Women were able to make better choices about what to wear and shop for. They now know which colours are optimal for them!

Would you like the same opportunity? Join the waitlist for 7 Days of Style Inspiration beginning in May, when we’re looking at body shape.

We’ll come back to colours in a few months and you’re welcome to stay in the group as long as your journey lasts.

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