Shoes to step out in this party season

Shoes to step out in this party season

With party weather comes party shoes. Today’s line up suits a range of occasions but more importantly, a range of styles.

The first slingback mule is all the rage. It’s super versatile and can be worn both to occasions and to the end of year work-do – this one has a bit of sparkle ;). It’s best styled with pants with a bit of flare or midi dresses and this style in particular slants above the foot elongating the leg while still holding the shoe to the foot (none of those flip-flopping steps for you). The wider heel lends itself to a longer length in wear meaning your foot will be much more comfortable after a night out.

Style number two is a more traditional party style. Pairs well with knee-length and above dresses or pants that cover the foot. If you want to show off that pedicure, this is the one for you. This particular shoe comes in black, white, and nude where nude is certainly the more versatile colour out of all of them.

Maybe you don’t wear heeled shoes too often and want more foot support – wedges are for you. Perfect for more beachy and casual parties, best worn with maxi and midi dresses. Looking to transition into higher shoes than kitten heels? Wedges are great training wheels.

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