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Ski season fashion statements (hat edition)

Ski season fashion statements (hat edition)

Ski season is here! It’s official. Keeping that head warm and fashionable never felt so easy. Here’s some styles to get started on stylish skiing 😉

The ol’ skiing reliable, the balaclava. Typically black and boring, you can get some super fun colours and designs like this leopard print one. Really makes a statement, but if you want a solid block they have them too (cat prints aren’t for everyone!). If you’re a serial skier, this is up your alley.

Beanies. Obviously. They’re a winter staple, easy to find and come in a wide range of colours and designs that it’d be almost impossible to not find one that works. You can wear them tight to your head or style it in a way that it hangs a bit (but not too much).

Ushankas are gorgeous two for one hat with flaps that keep your ears warm. And you know what? They look pretty cute especially when you do them up over your head. They come in a variety of outward colours, with faux fur, of course.

Not all hats are created equal and so some suit some face shapes better than others. Check out our services to find out which bespoke experience would be perfect for you.

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