“If you feel confident about the way you look you radiate positivity”

“If you feel confident about the way you look you radiate positivity”

We spoke with Bronwyn Romain and asked her a few questions to find out more about her style. Bronwyn is the founder of Creative4Life, a business that works with creativity to help women explore, express and enjoy themselves. 

Bronwyn loves the way the French women dress. She doesn’t have any particular French icons,  “I just think that the French women always look fabulous.” 

Bronwyn loves being in her fifties and says she has never felt better. As a creative woman with a love of science, Bronwyn now combines these interests in her work. Bronwyn says, “I was not well for a good portion of my life so I developed an interest in wellbeing. My business now brings these three interests and experiences together.”

Is Bronwyn’s personal style changing in her fifties? She is concerned her style might be dating her. “You know when you pick something up and your kids say ‘no, that looks like something a mum would wear?” I know a few women who feel the same! Bronwyn also used to wear quite formal clothes but now finds her style has relaxed and she feels like there is nothing more important than being true to herself. 

Bronwyn pays attention to style because of its psychological impact. “I think that having a ‘style’ can really boost confidence and let people transform like a butterfly coming out of its cocoon. Psychologically I think it can even help to heal, because if you feel confident about the way you look you radiate positivity out to other people and they in turn radiate it back to you.” Isn’t that beautiful? 

We asked Bronwyn whether she has any favourite pieces. She remembers a piece she absolutely loved so much that she wore it to death. “I absolutely loved a red (not leather as it turned out) jacket that was given to me. Oh I wore that thing to death, literally, it died and couldn’t be repaired. I was so sad.”

Time has given Bronwyn perspective on what it was like to live and work in the 80s and 90s. “The message was ‘girls can do anything’ but it was a very aggressive message. I felt that girls and women began to lose their identity and femininity was almost looked down on. In the workplace in the nineties people were so hard and driven, especially over in the UK. Messages like you have to be the best, you have to achieve, you have to push your view across. I hated all of that. It didn’t help my confidence at all because I spent a portion of my life trying to be someone I wasn’t.” 

As a creative woman, Bronwyn now makes the most of a range of techniques to help her gather her thoughts and get perspective. “Now I use mindfulness, breathing and creativity to bring me back to the present moment and allow me time to gather my thoughts and get perspective.”

Bronwyn is a living example of the power of creativity to help us to think differently: “Just allowing the brain to think differently, opens up the imagination to new possibilities.” She loves the creative process for its ability to help people to think differently: “Brainstorm, dream of all the possibilities as if there were no barriers, leave nothing off the table.”

Bronwyn is the founder of Creative4Life which offers mind-body and creative wellness education for women.


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