“I am breaking rules in two categories”

“I am breaking rules in two categories”

We talked with Lynne about her journey of arriving at her bright, relaxed and fun style and feeling great in it.

Has your personal style changed over time? 

Several years ago I was very fortunate to work as a buying manager in a NZ fashion store. This role came with a very generous discount and buying allowance so I was able to explore fashion and what worked for me. I also worked with many clients who were unsure what they should be wearing and this allowed me to acknowledge that it doesn’t matter if you are a size 8 or 28 as women we all have insecurities with our size – but the right pieces are out there for us and we all have the right to look fabulous. Since then I understood that it is OK to embrace my size and dress in clothes that fit well. (If they fit well then they often look well.) 

When it comes to your learning journey in fashion, what rules have you needed to relax about your own style?

When I was a teenager back in the late ’70s and early 80’s there were strict rules on what was worn. I spent ages saving up for my first pair of “skinny” jeans that needed a coat hanger to get them done up. Then in a flash, it was all about baggie jeans and then of course the shoulder pad craze of the 80’s. We all had to conform to colours and styles otherwise we looked odd! Thank goodness those rules relaxed over the years and now it’s about what looks great on us. 

Now I am completely embracing my size and buying clothes that suit my style and personality. There are some wonderful fashion options available for all sizes and by being selective I am able to have an amazing wardrobe. I am no longer about purchasing many items. I am selective in buying items that will last and look good in a multitude of circumstances. 

Do you have any fashion rules you like to break?

I am breaking rules in two categories. A) being a plus size woman I embrace who I am. I don’t try and fit into the latest fashion, instead I look for stylish pieces that suit me and my personality. Additionally to that if I want to dye my hair, have it short or long or just enjoy the greys coming through I do that!

Have you ever treated yourself with a gorgeous piece?

Ohhhhhhhhh so many gorgeous pieces over the years. Many have been able to last for years and are still in my wardrobe. Some have been thrashed to death and then ended up reluctantly being disposed of. My latest favourite item is a pair of Trelise Cooper, Curate jeans. They have lovely floral appliqué on them and look great as a casual weekend pair of jeans with trainers or dressed up with some bright coloured heels. 

What do you think style can offer people and how can people enjoy their style? 

Style and personal branding go hand in hand. It is a great way to express who we are in an instant. To me style is about being comfortable with who we are and being comfortable in our own skin.  

When we’re struggling to enjoy our style, it can be helpful to think about how our closest friends see us. They never see lumps and bumps – they see the true you. When you accept that you have a bright and colourful personality or like to be soulful and serene then you can create your style look around that. 

I am looking forward to seeing fashion change to accept that everyone has the right to dress and march to their own drumbeat. Especially women.

Lynne Lawson is the Director of Grow Orange, a marketing agency helping people grow their businesses. Find out more about Lynne on Facebook

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