“We can choose to blend in, or stand out”- Tabitha Arthur

“We can choose to blend in, or stand out”- Tabitha Arthur

Hello, gorgeous ones,

This month we chatted to Tabitha Arthur from Tabitha Arthur Photography.

Tabitha is a super talented portrait photographer who lives for the same values we do 💖 Tabitha’s main goal in her photoshoots is to make you feel, in her words, “Damn good about yourself”.

Her sessions start with a makeover by one of her favourite hair and makeup artists, so her clients always feel like celebrities, whether they’re getting a professional headshot, having personal branding session or a personal photoshoot. 

Tabitha’s journey as a portrait photographer began for one reason, and one reason only:

“I wanted to help women make the world more full of self-love, one client at a time.”

What has Tabitha learned on her own style journey?

After years of trying to fit in and be accepted by others and struggling with imposter syndrome, Tabitha decided enough was enough.

These days Tabitha describes her style as ‘creatively professional, playful and ethical’. She feels more confident with who she is and uses her clothing to reflect that.

The ripple effect of self-love is huge, and Tabitha is on the journey to help all women embrace it. 

“It’s time to take back the power of our own individuality, relish in the beauty of our unique bodies, and fill our closets with clothes that bring us confidence and joy!”

How does Tabitha see style helping women in other areas of their life?

“Either you can choose to blend in, or stand out. We grow into our individuality and choose to share this with the world through our personal style if we choose to. So many of my own clients are so hard on themselves, they feel not good enough or worthy due to the size of their chest or hip or arms or thighs… I think taking that power back, embracing our bodies, and finding self-love are some of the most important things we can do for ourselves. I don’t want to get to 87 years old and regret the amount of time I spent thinking I didn’t look good enough.”

Does Tabitha have thoughts on where styling fits in?

I would suggest to anyone who spends a long time getting ready, or who feels self-conscious in what they’re wearing, to enlist the help of someone who has a trained eye – talk with them about what you would love, and they will help you achieve incredible results beyond your wildest dreams! I have seen first-hand the extra boost of confidence my clients feel in their clothing through having had a professional Personal Stylist help them.

We had such a wonderful time sitting down and talking with Tabitha. If you’d like to learn more about Tabitha and her photography services you can head to her website.


Nina, Personal Stylist

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