A low-stress wardrobe will bring you joy

A low-stress wardrobe will bring you joy

Get out of the slow lane and unlock style you completely enjoy, faster with a Personal Stylist🤩

I reached a point in my twenties when I decided enough was enough. I didn’t want to waste any more time on fashion that didn’t make me feel amazing. Too much stress.

I was driven by my desire to have a low-stress, high-confidence, I-LOVE-IT wardrobe. 💖

After speaking to a group about fashion for the first time, in my late thirties, I saw how much joy I was able to bring to women around me, and realized how much it meant to them. And that meant a lot to me. That’s how Style Gorgeous came to be.👍 

You don’t have to find your fashion stride the slow, boring, stressful way 🤩

Click on any of the buttons that say “Apply for a Style Discovery Call” to get started.

– Nina

Nina, Personal Stylist

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