Take the stress out of packing

Take the stress out of packing

Are you dreaming of getting away like I am?

You know, a weekend away where you can kick back, pour yourself a glass of wine and forget all your responsibilities at home, and be present? 

Let’s daydream together. 

I have a couple of Personal Stylist tips I want to share with all to take the stress off of packing, so you can start enjoying the countdown to your next holiday.

  1. Use the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 rule: Limit yourself to five tops, four bottoms, three dresses, two pairs of shoes and one hat. Then a couple of pieces for the activities you’ll be taking part in…Throw in a bathing suit or and workout clothes if you’ll need them.
  2. Bring only your necessary toiletries and pack them in a separate bag. If I’m flying, I  like to make sure this is the bag I have in my handbag, in case my luggage gets diverted. 
  3. Remember the bigger the bag you’re packing, the more items you’ll put in. Keep it simple, with fewer choices, you’ll have less stress and decisions to make. 

Extra tip: Put your shoes in first, and everything else around them.

– Nina

Nina, Personal Stylist

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