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What makes Style Gorgeous different?

What makes Style Gorgeous different?

How are we different from other Personal Styling services?

Getting clear on your personal style can be no small deal, in fact, it can take a lifetime. We offer something quite different because we’re not only focused on finding women’s colours and body shapes first. These external factors are critically important for style – after all, it’s what you see that shapes your style.

We don’t leave it there. We’ve discovered that who you are is critically important to carry your best looks. If you try to wear pretty florals but they just aren’t you, you’ll always look and feel awkward. Or maybe you’ll look and feel amazing in black but you’ve never tried it.

There are a million and one variations like this, and we love the diversity of all of our uniqueness.

We connect your style with your personality, using keywords and our established style personality system, so you can thoroughly enjoy your style and feel like the real you. This opens up possibilities you never thought you had access to.

My guarantee is that I will work with you until I have done everything I can imagine to help you get the results you are looking for.

Working with me you get the chance to unlock style you completely enjoy. 

– Nina

Nina, Personal Stylist

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