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Become clear on your authentic personal style

Become clear on your authentic personal style

As Ralph Lauren said, “It’s not about age… women of all ages can wear anything.” 

I will admit, I had many years of making fashion mistakes.

I first began my personal style journey into completely enjoying my style in my 30’s. That’s when I did a lot of work to establish the answers to what really creates amazing style.

We’re not born with this knowledge! And it is hard to come by when people around us are dressed in different colours, have different body shapes and have their own style personality.

Our Style Essentials help you unlock style you completely enjoy by discovering the three key tools that can transform your style. Together we clarify your best body shape strategy, ideal colours, and style keywords. These bring you essential insights into your personal style.  No matter what age you are, taking this journey will change your life. 

– Nina

Nina, Personal Stylist

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