Confidence and fashion go hand in hand

Confidence and fashion go hand in hand

We’ve all had those awkward moments. The ones that leave us feeling like “If only I had more confidence then I would have had more fun”. 

In my teens and 20’s, I felt unsure about my style more often than I felt confident. As time went on, I decided would not let a lack of knowledge or experience keep me from unlocking the style that I truly enjoyed. 

I set a high standard for myself – everything that made it into my wardrobe needed to be something I loved AND something that would work for my life and outfits.

This key decision helped me hone and refine my style.

Once I was able to find my authentic personal style, I discovered my confidence and was able to have so much more fun. 

The best part of Style Gorgeous is that I am now able to help women bring gorgeous style back to their day-to-day.

– Nina

Nina, Personal Stylist

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