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Shopping with friends, and a stylist

Shopping with friends, and a stylist

If you’ve ever been shopping with your girlfriends and bought something you didn’t like….

If your friend insists they know exactly what looks good on you… , or if you love shopping with your girlfriends but don’t have the confidence to buy anything….

Did you know a Personal Stylist could give you so much more joy in your style!

What if your friends knew your style the way your stylist does? Could they become your best advocates for awesome personal style when you’re shopping? Would you enjoy shopping with them so much more?

And what if you all knew each others style and had a great idea of how to support each other? Wouldn’t that be lovely. Your credit card workout would feel worth it.

So, I’m solving that problem for you.

Introducing the Group Styling Chat and Group Styling Experience at Style Gorgeous.

We bring you and your friends together for a wonderful few hours of discussion and shopping. Accompanied by champagne and nibbles of course.

I have had a few enquiries about this, leading into Christmas. Could this be a perfect Christmas gift for you and your best friends?

Message me through the discovery form.


Nina, Personal Stylist

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