Why this works: Nili Lotan dress and boots

Why this works: Nili Lotan dress and boots

I know that many women in Wellington take a deep look in their wardrobe and pull out boots most of the time – I can see what they’re wearing! Sunny day? We’re wearing boots.

In the heart of Wellington, boots reign supreme.

For those of you who don’t have to endure our gale-force gusts, your BOOTS + DRESS combinations could take something from this example.

Here’s a Personal Stylists advice on how to have your way with a Boots + Dress outfit.

Nili Lotan is a ready-to-wear fashion designer in New York who makes beautiful, beautiful things.

This little dress from one of her recent collections is a great way to show off how to pair dress and boots.

(I found this pic shared at https://nz.pinterest.com/voguemagazine/)

What makes it work?

The first thing that works is that she’s playing with styles – “Edgy and street, meet sophistication”.

There’s drama there – the ankle boots clash with a sleek, feminine dress and that clash stops you in your tracks with a bit of rebel heart.

There’s another clash going on – the army camouflage print is not the usual print for silk. It’s an edgy way to use an otherwise sophisticated and timeless fabric.

She’s bringing out the **sophistication** in this outfit with the accessories – that tiny choker provides a balance to the boots by tipping the outfit in favour of sophistication.

If neither edgy nor street style are your thing, and sophistication isn’t your bag, you can still pull off Dress + Boots.

Relaxed, casual, chic and boho girls can all find ways to wear boots and dresses. Perhaps you’ll try Dress + Boots this weekend…

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